The Weekly Drool #026 - Manchester Gin Battered Fish & Chips at Randall & Aubin

That's right - someone has made a quite possibly the most British meal ever...

By Ben Brown | Last updated 18 July 2020

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As the final dish in their Fish & Chips specials, Randall & Aubin have created this – a Manchester Gin Battered Fish & Chips – and it’s only a tenner for the next 2 weeks!

Combining two of probably the most British things ever – I’m sure that nobody has ever thought to combine Fish & Chips with Gin – until now of course.

Topped with a fried egg, served with house chips and pickled shallots, this is the ultimate Fish & Chips for any gin lover – or in fact anyone really.

As you’d expect from the seafood masters at Randall & Aubin, they take the freshest cut of cod (sourced from suppliers within 40 miles of the restaurant) and coat it in this rather unique (and tasty) batter.

By using gin in the mix, you’re left with is a lovely crispy, fresh batter that seemingly works perfectly alongside the salty fish – providing you with a fish & chips sensation that you’ve never experienced before.

Topped with a runny egg, get that bad boy busted open and let the yolk spill out all over the fish and chips. Mega.


Manchester Gin Battered Fish & Chips

Venue: Randall & Aubin
Date: Available from Monday 24th February to Sunday 8th March
Cost: £10

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Randall & Aubin, 64 Bridge St, Manchester M3 3BN
0161 711 1007