Stockport’s Vintage Homeware Store with a Commitment to Affordable Statement Pieces

Rare Finds is an Aladdin’s cave of interior designs’ most treasured eras that's popped up in Stockport's historic old town.

By Emma Davidson | 29 July 2022

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Self-confessed vintage IKEA hoarder, Emma Nosurak has sprung a gem of a store atop Stockport’s old town. 

Rare Finds is a portal to a forgotten era of maximalism, complete with unique pieces from some of interior designs’ very best periods. You’ll find Keith Haring posters, bold vintage lamps, mid century furniture and rattan statement pieces – all sustainably sourced and with affordable price tags. 

Emma owns The Plant Shop, one of Stockport’s original independents that kick-started the boom of the suburb’s expansion. She explained that, with her new store, and as a frequent car boot sale scourer herself, she wanted to share the joy of the jaunt: “I had a bit of an obsession with Facebook marketplace and car boot sales,” she began.

“I was browsing online one day and found a guy selling an original Terence Conran 1970s lamp for a fiver. I raced down to Hull to pick it up and ended up re-selling it for 300 quid. That’s when the idea clicked that maybe I could formulate a business out of this.”

Since then, Rare Finds has acquired an abundance of unique items, each with their own story to tell. It’s a must-visit for any vintage dealer or homeware enthusiast, especially those looking for affordable additions to their homes in the midst of the current cost of living crisis. And each time you make the trip, the store is bound to look totally different.

“People are understandably watching what they’re spending at the minute, and sometimes vintage and secondhand can be massively overpriced, so I wanted to keep Rare Finds an affordable and joyous shopping experience.

“It’s basically a place for me to obsessively buy things without keeping them all in my house. The aim is to attract people who share the same love for secondhand items and finding hidden gems.”

Rare Finds also hosts a Flea Market every month, which sees everything from the store’s affordable, vintage tables and chairs, to nick nacks costing no more than a quid from different traders. If you’re interested in showcasing your items at the next event, drop the team a message via Instagram

The store’s next Flea Market is tomorrow (Saturday 30th July) from 12pm – 4pm and the store is open Friday and Saturday weekly. 

You can also shop Rare Finds’ items via its online store, which you can explore below. 


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Rare Finds, 26 Middle Hillgate, Stockport SK1 3AY