The Event that Asks: WTF is Web3 and Why Should You Care About It?

You might of heard Web3 or Web 3.0 thrown around a lot recently...

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 8 February 2022

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Apparently Web3 is the next step towards a completely utopian internet, a ‘third version’ that aims to weave various blockchain technologies – cryptocurrencies and NFTs mostly – into a web that is much less reliant on the five big technology firms.

On the other hand, ask others and they’ll tell you that it’s a series of scams, an attempt by other technology companies to “grab the reins” themselves and own a centralised version of the internet.

It’s a phrase that you’re probably going to hear a lot more of in 2022, alongside words such as ‘metaverse’, ‘crypto’ and ‘NFT’.

Web3 looks at being the third iteration of the internet, one that follows the traditional ‘WWW’ sorta space that started in 1991 and Web2 which began in 2004 and has risen to prominence in our lives thanks to Twitter, Facebook, Google, Apple and Amazon.

With continuing discussion and controversy around the arrival and introduction of Web3, have teamed up with Sequence and Blockchain Manchester to present an evening tailored to help software developers, digital marketers, and UXD professionals understand how they can start working in the Web3 economy.

There are many businesses already pioneering work in this emerging field of technology, none more so than KnownOrigin, who have built an art based NFT marketplace back in 2018 and now have over 5000 creatives that release work on their platform, with a total revenue of over 25 million dollars in sales.

Speakers on the evening include:

James Morgan (CTO) of KnownOrigin and BlockRocket
Jack Gray (CPO) of KnownOrigin. Ex-Cinch
Charlie Witter (UX Designer) at KnownOrigin
Ian Cox (CEO) of Sequence
Adam Waterhouse (Operations Director) of Sequence
Liam Freeman (Blockchain Engineer) at KnownOrigin
Amie Woodroffe (Metaverse builder and Social Media Community Manager) at KnownOrigin

MC for the evening is Andy Gray (Co-founder of KnownOrigin and BlockRocket). There will be a POAP NFT for all attendees!


WTF is Web3?

Date: Wednesday 23rd February
Time: 6pm – 8pm
Cost: Free
Venue: Manchester Technology Centre

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