From Manchester to: Italy's best kept secret - Alghero, Sardinia

Coffee. Beach. Sun. Sea. Gelato. Aperitif. Pasta. Wine. More Wine. Sunset. Pizza - R E P E A T - sounds like a dream, right?

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 15 May 2020

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Alghero, one of Sardinia’s most beautiful medieval cities, known for its picturesque small cobbled streets, colourful houses, sea views from every angle and incredible food and wine, in my opinion probably the best.

Home to some of the most stunning beaches in Europe with calm, warm crystal-clear blue waters, perfect for snorkelling.

As stunning as all the main beaches are, my favourite ones are hidden. With only enough room for no more than 10 people, get there early and you’ll feel like you have the place to yourself.

If you are into dining on the beach then Bar Delle Ninfe is a must visit. The owners have been serving food there for over 40 years, everything is cooked homemade by his mama.

100% go for their spaghetti parmigiana, with a side of mussels, meatballs, a pint of Sardinian Ichnusa all with a dreamy view of Mugoni beach – ooooo mama mia!

Alghero is also known for its insane local cuisine, with a Catalan influences, a lot of the food is seafood based – most restaurants serving their catch of the day.

If seafood is your thing, choose from any restaurant along the Ai Bastioni. I’d recommend Angedras, it’s pricey but so so worth it.

As for Pizza, spend no more than €7 for the best you‘ll ever ever have, and dream about every single day. Honestly, it’s hard not to have pizza for tea every evening.

There’s no pizza restaurant which beats the other, they’re all insane so go anywhere and you won’t be disappointed.

If you’re into your wine and cocktails then this will be music to your ears, with €5 Aperol Spritz at pretty much every bar, and wine as cheap as €1.50 in supermarkets, it’s a no brainer.

Pizza take-out and a bottle of wine on the beach whilst watching the sunset is the one.

Not to forget everyone’s Italian favourite, Gelato! 2 a day is compulsory, sometimes 3. Of course you’ll never be more than 10 steps away from some of the worlds the best ice cream!

Yeh sunsets are fun, everyone loves a sunset, but a sunset in Alghero hits you different, SO PINK.

My favourite view to watch them from is a bar called Villa Mosca, it’s a little bougie so if you’re into a bit of that then you have to go. Get there for around 7pm and you’ll get the best seat, live music, cocktails and none stop aperitif whilst watching the sun go down after a long day at the beach… oh take me back.

As of things to do, there’s loads; boats trips, supping, kayaks, walks, wine tours, vineyards, Agritourismo, shopping, the list goes on.

A couple of miles away you can explore the caves inside Capocaccia, you can either arrive by boat or hike up 666 steps (go by boat lol).

If you decide to visit, go in the late afternoon – it’s also one of the best spots to watch the sunset.

Discover it all for yourself, once you’ve been to Alghero there is no turning back. Trust me.

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