From Manchester to: Machu Picchu

Get stunning access to the ancient Incan city, without leaving your house.

By Manchester's Finest | 24 April 2020

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I’ve always said that I’ve lived my life with zero regrets. And I will stick by that until the end of my days. Everything I’ve done I’ve done for a reason and looking back – they were all the right decisions.

Except this one.

Back in 2011, when I was a few years younger and a fair few stone lighter, I was travelling through South America on the bus with my girlfriend at the time and we ended up in Cusco in Peru, with the intention being that we would head on over to the legendary Machu Picchu.

Well, that never happened.

When we arrived and started looking at the prices of the train to get there, the trails to walk there and the guides to take us – my Northern upbringing came to the forefront of my brain and decided; “They’re taking the piss with them prices!

Sure, some Southern lad with dreadlocks and a trust fund would happily pay 100 quid for a train journey, but if I won’t do it here on a trip to London, I wasn’t going to do it in bloody Peru.

So we never went. I should probably apologise to the girlfriend I was with at the time now too for not going – sorry – my fault that one.

Anyway, all might not be lost as you can now explore the ruins of the ancient city from the comfort of your very own home – perfect for these lonely, boring days in lockdown. And if you’ve got a VR headset – it’ll be ever better!

Instead of taking a 3 day trek through the mountains, harassed by hawkers and mosquitoes all the way, just grab a bowl of Frosties, fire up your browser and head to one of the wonders of the world.

Machu Picchu itself was only ‘discovered’ in 1911, an estate for Inca emperor Pachacuti, built around 1450. Much like Kuzco in ‘The Emperor’s New Groove’, the ruler decided to build it way up in the mountains, not just because of the beauty of the surroundings but primarily because of it’s strategic advantage over invaders.

Even though it’s only around 50 miles from Cusco, when the Spanish invaded the continent they never found it – meaning the site maintained a unique insight into life for the Incas as well as remaining much more intact than the ones the Spanish got their hands on.

So if you’re looking to explore an old, stunning city this afternoon, you can now do it from home, for free on AirPano. Just click the link below to be transported 6,000 miles and over 600 years ago.


Head to Machu Picchu