Weekend Walks: Macclesfield Forest

Just a short hop out of the centre and down Buxton New Road / Clarke Road you'll find Macclesfield Forest, a fantastic alpine adventure.

By Lee Isherwood | Last updated 27 July 2022

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Visiting Macclesfield Forest you’ll first be tempted to get the shot above for yourselves of the crisp and clear reservoir that sits alongside the road on the way in, you’ll also find plenty of parking along here, seasoned walkers know where to pull up so as soon as you see a row of parked cars, start thinking of where you can squeeze in.

There are a few colour coded routes around the forest depending on your time frame or ambition, we usually opt for one of the middle ground routes, 2-3 miles and moderate walking.

The website is packed with information, see link here and well worth checking out for any seasonal or weather based closures before setting off.

Weather-wise for me there are 2 perfect options for the forest, crisp and sunny covered in snow. The majority of the routes are in the shade on account of the trees so a blazing hot sunnny day isn’t much use to you here, I’d head to Tegg’s Nose on those days, however the forest is glorious in the snow, once you get to the top of hill it’s thick and well covered we thoroughly enjoyed it.

Family-wise the routes are all paths and suitable for children, this also makes the walks fairly easy underfoot so you can spend your time taking snaps of the trees instead of worrying about your footing.