The Best Restaurants in Chorlton

A kaleidoscope of cuisines in this most famous of suburbs; from Lebanese to Italian-Senelgaese, Chorlton has it all - and more.

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 15 February 2024

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Tapas, Turkish, great pizza (Neapolitan, New York style or Roman?), fine fried chicken, Lebanese, smart bistros, superlative Indian street food, Mexican, modern European…

What we’re trying to say here is that Chorlton has options for days when it comes to a great lunch or an even greater dinner. You’re spoilt for choice, in fact.

Head to the busy centre – for so long known as the ‘Four Banks’, now two banks, a coffee chain and a carpet shop – or down to the village-y atmosphere of Beech Road, and try to narrow things down.

The very best of luck to you…

Rudy’s Chorlton

Relaxed neighbourhood pizzeria that’s perfected the classic Neapolitan.

The Beagle

The beating heart of Chorlton’s social scene, The Beagle is a midweek meeting spot, a weekend tear-up location and the perfect place for a Sunday meltdown. Gigantic New York-style 22″ pies come courtesy of Nell’s (as well as ice cream sandwiches), and there are more craft ales than you can shake a slice at.


Family-run Lebanese gem offering generous mezze platters, creative mains, and a cosy terrace.

Post Box Shawarma

Shawarma gem serving secret-marinated meats in authentic Iraqi samoons.


North American comfort food reimagined, with unique sharing platters in a lodge-inspired setting, paired with soulful tunes and crafted drinks.