This long-empty spot in Spinningfields has finally been snapped up!

The old Giraffe unit has lay empty for ages now - but now it's been filled.

By Ben Brown | 30 July 2019

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Who’s filled it I hear you ask.

Well, with it being Spinningfields it could be some high-end swanky operator, offering diamond encrusted glasses with every glass of tap water and with a clientele that only spends approximately 40 minutes a week not wearing stilettos.

I’ll tell you now – it’s not. Instead the area will be welcoming a bloke called Bill into the area who has imaginatively called his range of eateries – Bill’s.

You may have heard of them before – most likely because there’s already a Bill’s over on John Dalton Street that’s been bashing out the food and cocktails for a couple of years now. I’m going to presume this is likely a move rather than there being two Bill’s so close to each other.

In fact, around a year ago I went into Bill’s for some brunch and found it to actually be rather decent. The portions were excellent, the food of a high standard and the staff were brilliant. I also enjoyed a rather wicked Bloody Mary which was so good that I ended up using the word ‘wicked’ in a sentence.

In addition to the Brunch there’s packed Lunch and Dinner menus consisting of a wide range of dishes that aren’t too offensive and are likely to be very enjoyable and very filling indeed.

All in all, Bill’s should be a nice new addition to Spinningfields – and is a much more attractive prospect than another empty unit in the area.

With the recent spate of closures of small independent businesses in the area due to high rents though – could this be the future of Spinningfields altogether? Time will tell.