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Trends for Autumn/Winter 2011/12 in Manchester with WGSNs Creative Director Lauretta Roberts.

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 27 April 2017

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Trend Forecasting in Manchester with WGSN

Hidden between two architecturally impressive apartment blocks on Dale Street lies a modern haven, in a somewhat brick-laden street. This coffee-perfumed breath of fresh air is the aptly named ‘Outlet’. With impressive tea and coffee-tails and a décor to incur agape jaws, what better place to soak up the trends for Autumn/Winter 2011/12, as WGSNs Creative Director, and former Drapers editor, Lauretta Roberts, welcomed the city’s fashion pack. Sitting down, we all silently applauded Manchester’s Fashion Network venue choice.

Introducing WGSN’s  ’boutique’ concept, Roberts had tailored the trend edit to the realms of independent retailing; the prized looks, macro-trends, and visual merchandising. A masterclass of how to get Indies on the map, and stay there, at least until Spring 2012. As the FROW-ers* put pen to paper, the mantra was ‘you snooze, you loose. Be cool’.

“In partnership with Drapers, we have an unparalleled pool of expertise with which to tailor WGSN’s inspiration, insight and analysis to meet the needs of independent fashion retailers and e-tailers. I am delighted to be creating a product that will fuel the growth of such a dynamic and thriving sector.” Lauretta Roberts

Natasha Christie-Miller, CEO of Drapers publisher Emap Inform, added, “Drapers works tirelessly to deliver innovative information and tools that drive commercial success for its customer base, so I am proud to be partnering with WGSN to create this unique and powerful new product.”

With WGSN having over 38 thousand users in 87 countries, coupled with over 120 ‘street snappers’ in 90 countries, we were taking this as Gospel as Roberts summarised the key trends for the upcoming seasons, from high-luxury, to high-street;

60’s Pop
Think bright. Pops of pinks, bursts of royal blues and obstreperous oranges. From coats to camisoles, if it’s shocking, it’s stylish.

Nordic, Navajo Folk
Chunky knits, sweet mittens and tough leather. As seen in the Chloe catwalks, think artcic aesthetics with risqué attitude.

Vintage Best
1920s dropped waists, rich, luxurious tones and chic shapes.

Heeled Loafers
Comfort, style and effortless. A trend received with welcoming sighs of relief .

Key Looks for A/W 2011/12
70’s Country
Elbow Length and contrast sleeves (leather gets brownie points)
Fur; fake, real, dyed, shaggy – its going to be everywhere.

As Roberts noted digital prints and diamanté cuffs, the room, with bated breath, became enthralled with the energy Roberts exuded; A/W 11/12 is set to be medley of contrasting palettes, patterns and profiles. And as those in attendance skipped home, goody bags in tow, we all had a certain fashionable spring to our step.

For detailed forecasts on the upcoming seasons, visit www.wgsn.com

*Front Rowers


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