The Best Last Minute Gigs this Week: 12th - 18th March 2019

Skinny Living // Ady Suleiman // Shola Ama + Alison Limerick // The Wailers // The Japanese House // Nicki Minaj

By Ben Brown | March 12th '19

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Skinny Living @ The Deaf Institute Thursday 14th March These lads from Wakefield will be hitting up Deaf Institute this week and there's still a few tickets knocking about if you've not had the chance to get online and buy some. They're an 'indie-rock collective' which basically means you should expect leather jackets, tight jeans and around 16 guitars. Buy Tickets   Ady Suleiman @ Manchester Academy Thursday 14th March Ady has a voice like butter, but not that kind of butter that you buy to spread on your toast - proper butter, the kind of stuff you use to make pastry for pies or cakes. His music is an eclectic mix of reggae acoustics, pop and slow jams and if you want to see him - click below for tickets. Buy Tickets   1990-1999 ft Shola Ama + Alison Limerick @ Albert Hall Friday 15th March You get 3 for the price of one down at the Albert Hall this Friday with a packed night of some of the greatest 90's hit you can ever imagine. There'll be tunes throughout the night, but also a couple of special LIVE appearances from Shola Ama and Alison Limerick who, if you don't know their names, you'll definitely know their tunes. I'll see you there! Buy Tickets   The Wailers @ Manchester Academy Saturday 16th March You probably know The Wailers from their association with reggae legend Bob Marley but since his death they've managed to make a pretty word for themselves in their own right. As our music contributor Melanie explains; "It will be good vibes throughout, sing along with some huge hits, go home smoke a massive fat one and pretend to be Jamaican". Buy Tickets   The Japanese House @ Manchester Academy Saturday 16th March It may sound like one of them trendy guitar bands but The Japanese House is in fact just one woman - Amber Bain who decided to call herself Japanese House after a particularly enjoyable stay in a gaff in Tokyo. She was so impressed with their futuristic toilet that she's never been able to forget it. She'll be heading to Academy 2 this Saturday. Buy Tickets   Nicki Minaj & Future @ Manchester Arena Monday 18th March Nicki Minaj is in town next week and there are still tickets flying around for her gig at the Manchester Arena. Don't ask me why it hasn't sold out yet - I wouldn't even like to begin to speculate I'm afraid. Could it be because everyone has forgotten about her? Or is it because it's on a Monday. I dunno (and I don't really care either). Buy Tickets