The Best Music Videos coming out of Manchester: August 2018

The weather has turned and you probably aren’t gonna leave your house again for the next few months. So if you’re sat at home trawling through the millions of videos the internet has to offer, take some time out and enjoy this selection of musical treats, all from Manchester artists.

By Manchester's Finest | 1 September 2018

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BurstGang | Us Man
Video by SBTV

These guys have been about for quite a while, featuring on many line ups on the grime circuit. This however this is their first official release, produced by Spookzville and receiving airplay from the like of 1xtra’s Spyro, the track and video shows off the combined skills of the crew. A well deserved props and fist bumps all round, even if one of them is wearing a United shirt. Expect to see a lot more from these guys in the near future.

K.I.M.E | From The Estate
Video by Nayborhood Cinematics

Got put on to this one from a mate. K.I.M.E is someone I’m not that familiar with but after listening to this summer banger, I’m definitely putting some time aside to check out more stuff. The video reps the M16 pretty hard and features some of the postcodes iconic hangouts, such as Chicken Run, it’s mint in there. The tune itself is quite simple, a cheeky bassline on the beat, catchy hook and tight flows, what more could you ask for.

Sangy feat. Black Josh | Colours
Video byJay Bannister

Pretty moody this one. Couple of guys on a collab that have been around for ages. Video features an incredibly fresh Fila hoodie, sported by Sangy, and filmed in a location that looks like it’s something out of The Lost Boys. Also features a topless guy crawling around on the floor, weird.

Voodoo Black | Run Along

I had the pleasure of working on a radio show with these guys earlier this month and got to witness how good they are live, especially with it being the first time I got to see Dubbul O perform. I featured the group last month but they seem to be pretty good and producing a conveyor belt of quality music and visual content.