A few words from Shonky

We take five with one of the main Apollonia men ahead of the label's Boxing Day showcase at Sankeys.

By Martin Guttridge Hewitt | 26 December 2012

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We take five with one of the main Apollonia men ahead of the label’s Boxing Day showcase at Sankeys.

Shonk Finest

If one thing’s for sure about Olivier Ducreux, it’s that he makes house music with two intentions; making feet move, whilst allowing DJs to seamlessly mix. Not that he doesn’t have a penchant for notable breakdowns too, mind.

Nevertheless, Shonky, as the Parisian chap prefers to be called, is a proper club producer through and through, in a time when so much music loosely termed ‘dance’ fails to pick up on those fundamental necessities. With that in mind, it’s not surprising the guy in question is also talented behind turntables and CDJs, playing with other people’s tunes.

Next week he’s Manchester-bound, and as such we thought it best to ask him some questions. Catch all the action at Sankeys on Wednesday, December 26th, when Apollonia takes over, the label he launched this year alongside Dyed Soundorom and Dan Ghenacia, who will also be joining in the celebrations too. Between then and now, though, take a look at what he has to say.

You’ve decided to hold an Apollonia showcase in Manchester, the day after Christmas. Why? 

I have known Sankeys for years and played there a few times with Dyed, and it was always amazing… It’s probably one of the best clubs in the UK.  I’m glad we can do this together. Their crowd is amazing and Manchester has always been a city into electronic music, the crowd knows their music and you always want to do your best. Furthermore, Boxing day is a special day, always a strong energy.

It’s been a strong first year for the label. Is there anything you know now that you didn’t back in 2011? 

Me personally, I learned how to see things a  bit differently. I’m less thinking as Shonky and more as Apollonia- making decisions for the label, it’s another way to deal with music

If there’s one track that’s come out of the imprint people should hear, which is it? 
For those who don’t know this one, we will repress the amazing ‘Underwater’ from Point G in January, this track had a huge influence in all of our music.

You will have been pretty busy with label tasks we imagine, and there have been some singles of late too, but do you have any plans for another Shonky album any time soon?

I ‘d love that for sure, but actually the main thing is to work music as Apollonia at the moment… We already started and we’ll all be together in the studio throughout Febrauary. We will rent a proper music studio for a month. I am also finishing a personal EP at the moment. 

This year has been dominated by soulful house, whilst there’s has been some great, solid techno knocking about too. Any thoughts on what we could hear in 2013?

I like everything from deep house to techno, and from old school to new stuff. I hope 2013 will be full of a variety of different things, I like to be eclectic in my DJ sets. 

If you’re at Sankeys in Manchester for Boxing Day with the Apollonia crew, where will you be on Christmas Day? 

In Paris with my family, I saw them only one time this year so it will be the time to reload batteries, especially before Boxing Day.


Apollonia Boxing Day Special

Wednesday 26th December

10.30pm – 5.30am

@ Sankeys, 4 Radium Street, Manchester, M4 6AY

Dyed Soundorom


Dan Ghenacia


Freeman and Farrelly

Dan Sanders

Keiran Sharples