"Exceptional music with a political edge" - Brass Against at Manchester Academy

Brass Against combine elements of rock and hip-hop with a political call to action.

By Manchester's Finest | 10 April 2019

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Brass Against is a collective of artists, led and curated by Brad Hammonds, who share in the goal of creating brass protest music that calls fans to action.

Brass Against @ Manchester Academy 3
Tuesday 4th June, 7.30pm

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Here’s their manifesto:

In a politically challenging era, it’s our time to stand up against the machine. Brass Against’s first and foremost goal is to make exceptional music. Yet we would be remiss to not also note the unfortunately exceptional times we live in.

We want our music to not just sound inspiring; we want our music to resonate with people’s emotions and encourage action. We’re producing exceptional music with a political edge.

We are angry, we are inspired, we are ready for change—and we hope our music amplifies this energy in everyone who listens.

Manchester Academy, Oxford Road, Manchester, M13 9PR
0161 232 1639