Finest Reviews the UK’s most extravagant drag show

It’s more than fair to say that it’s understandable why Sink the Pink has been voted Britain’s best gay night. It’s nothing short of absolutely bloody fabulous.

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 19 April 2019

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Having known that it was a dress-up occasion – the theme being ‘when I grow up’ – I wasn’t sure how seriously I should take it. It turns out, very seriously. I have never seen a room full of such weird, wonderful, glamorous, creative, exciting outfits in my entire life.

We had 80’s Madonna which every aspect of the ensemble was utterly perfect and not a bead or bow missed, a unicorn, a fitness instructor, a gladiator, an astronaut, all manner of fairytale and fantasy characters and all so well thought out I couldn’t help but stare at everyone.

Please note that all outfits were, of course, sexified, which if they weren’t how boring would have that been?

We were treated to a couple of drag acts before the main Sink the Pink crew took to the stage (and the dancefloor and the viewing gallery of the Albert Hall) in between a greatest hits compilation of all the divas, pop princess and princesses you could dream of. Again, not a beat missed with this crowd that was so up for it.

The acts beforehand included Ginny Lemon (who’s been on TV you know) and her hilarious segment from the minute she walked on to the minute I glimpsed her at the back going nuts with the punters.

Albert Hall had been completely transformed with bras hanging from the ceiling, a throne in the corner to of course have elaborate pictures on and a mysterious glass box at the back, provided by Wildcat Gin (sponsors of the evening).

Inside, a hall of mirrors every which way you like, perfect for selfies and the chance to win a bottle of free gin. Of course, we obliged.

Then came the Sink the Pink crew, and my god can they dance. The entertainment factor, in general, was hitting the roof even before the show properly started. To make 80’s Madonna’s dreams come true, the crew came down into the crowd and divided the room to make a runway to introduce themselves, all done to ‘Vogue’. Excellent.

If Sink the Pink ever comes to Manchester again, don’t miss out because it really was so much fun. Also, don’t be an idiot like me and wear all black everything, dress up for Christ’s sake. It’ll be worth it.

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