Legends The Sonics come to Academy this October

The Sonics have remained the most recognized sounds ever listened to by aspiring musicians and multitudes of fans around the world and now they're heading to Manchester Academy this October.

By Steven Pankhurst | 21 June 2018

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The Sonics at Academy 3
Friday 5th October, 7.30pm

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Since the beginning of garage rock, the northwest sound, grunge, or whatever anyone calls it, the Sonics set the precedence and the pace, and the sound that gave to every musician and band that followed the inalienable right to take rock to the edge of the universe, to explore the possibilities, to get out of the rut, experiment, and to scream your guts out, that you have arrived, and to continue that thought.

Originally from Tacoma, Washington USA, The Sonics are claimed worldwide to be the first punk band, or garage, or hard rock, or alternative, setting the stage for all that would follow. The Sonics are still based in the Northwest USA, but are coming over to Manchester this October to play Manchester Academy 3.

The Sonics songs and precedent music creations began in 1964, with a visit from Etiquette Records co-owner Buck Ormsby, following a friend of the band plea that he check out the group. The meeting took place at a rehearsal in Bob Bennetts garage. Not too impressed with the performance of cover songs, asked if they had any originals. A killer riff was played, but the lyrics didn’t work.

This established The Sonics as one of the most progressive and popular rock bands in the Northwest. Originally released as a replacement for the original B side of The Witch, The Sonics’ original, Psycho, became another brutal musical attack on the establishment and had to be played on all radio, again reinforcing the fact the Sonics were not going away.

The bad boys of rock were raising hell with their new found glory, while hordes of fans would pack ballrooms and dancehalls waiting to see their new heroes.

Manchester Academy, Oxford Road, Manchester, M13 9PR
0161 232 1639