The new single from the ALL Female Manchester Folk Band

A perfect harmony of the trio of voices, Café Spice are back from the world tour with a brand new single.

By Alex Watson | 1 October 2019

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Their first single ‘Lauren’ was released in 2018 with heavenly and autumnal harmonies, gracing everybody’s eardrums with their fantastic fusion of blues, pop, country and jazz. 

Since then, the trio from Scotland, Ireland and The North (and no, this isn’t about to be a bad joke about walking in to a bar), have toured the world and supported the legendary singer songwriter Boo Hewerdine.

The latest single is about two people, in love, who can’t possibly be together at this time. The trio say, “it’s about having to say goodbye to someone when you know that you love them, when you know it’s not the end of your story and when you know it’s not forever. You’re leaving them for now, leaving them in pain, but leaving with an open door behind you.”

The single will be released on all platforms on Friday 27th September and see them in Manchester in December.


Café Spice

When: Tuesday 10th December 
Where: Band on the Wall
Time: 7:30pm
Cost: from £6 

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