Ghost Outfit

Spreading audio and visual vibes 3rd August MANCHESTER Now Wave @ The Castle

By Lee Isherwood | 27 July 2011

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3rd August MANCHESTER Now Wave @ The Castle

Exciting news from new Manchester noise-pop duo GHOST OUTFIT who are spreading both audio and visual vibes with their new Young Ghosts EP and The Young Ghosts video project.

Consisting singer/guitarist Jack and drummer Mike, Ghost Outfit are a pair whose brilliantly schizo-fi straddles the noise-enhanced boundary between emotionally driven pop and intensely pulsing beats. Two guys embarking upon uncharted territory that’s already seen their first gig on a number 42 Magic Bus and who aren’t quite satisfied with simply releasing songs…

Enter The Young Ghosts Video Project. Inspired by Kanye’s G.O.O.D Fridays, this summer we’ll have Ghost Thursdays. Each week at 10pm, a new video offering a snapshot into the Outfit’s wealth of home-recorded material will be posted to – one for each track on the two halves of their compilation-esque Young Ghosts EP. They could easily just have given some songs away in one lump and be done with it, but where’d be the fun in that?

Directed by the band themselves (Mike is an animator), Manchester’s much-lauded live sessions website MCR Scenewipe, video man for ‘Salford, England’s newly established SWAYS label Steven Cherry, and art school friends Kamran Ali, Will Sharp, Adam Renshaw, the videos are divergent and stylised, yet still retain the tracks’ homespun feel. “Some are animations, some filmed, some long, some short and all a little bit weird,” reveals Jack. “Expect many an outfitted ghost to make an appearance… themes and concepts will probably be quite disparate; not too harshly contrasting but no particular one theme”

Something Will Sharp explains further in his visual contribution to A-side track ‘Cough’. “The video is a short clip of hand painted animation, done on 8mm film. The whole idea was to produce a sensation that related to the clattered harsh noises and instrumental cough that can be heard from this track. The editing and production of this video is very raw, just like the band’s sound”

It’s no surprise then that the fellas have already attracted SWAYS’ attention and been granted access to the ranks of young new artists on the label. In fact, already so revered, the label’s recently been adopted by its neighbouring city having been described as “Manchester’s most influential new independent label”. SWAYS will release the Outfit’s forthcoming debut 7” which will come with an accompanying Young Ghosts
EP cassette tape featuring all 13 tracks from the video project.