Reform Radio host 24 International Artists in 24 Hours for Earth Day

The one-off special will take place this Wednesday 22nd April

By Manchester's Finest | 21 April 2020

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For the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, Manchester’s Reform Radio is connecting 24 countries represented by 24 international artists, for a one-off 24-hour broadcast.

From 00:00 BST on Wednesday 22 April, the line-up of 24 handpicked international DJs and artists will be airing hour-long shows from the impressive lineup, each representing their corner of the global underground music scene.

Listeners will be able to hear from the likes of Belgium’s DTM Funk, Logic1000 from Australia, Citizen Boy of South Africa’s GQOM Oh! imprint, Manfredas from Lithuania, Psychonaut from Japan’s Audiophile Bar SHeLTeR, Amsterdam’s Red Light Records head honcho Abel, Russia’s Gost Zvuk and more.

From Morocco to Mexico, participating artists will give those tuning in the opportunity to broaden their horizons with these special shows produced for the occasion, some of which feature a showcase of their country’s music culture, as well as some unreleased and exclusive material from others.

This includes Iranian multidisciplinary artist Ash Koosha (Ninjatune, OESB, Realms), who has teamed up with electronic music producer and digital artist IZEY for an hour of soundscapes, compositions and sound treatment to celebrate Earth Day. Koosha’s recent bandcamp release FOREST is presented, as well as snippets from IZEY’s upcoming ambient record Drones Cannot Lay Eggs.

Reform Radio has always championed upcoming artists and the underground music scene, so this is the perfect opportunity to discover talent that some may not be familiar with, among some of their favourites, from 24 different countries in the space of just one day.

Natasha Maximova, Content and Marketing Manager at Reform Radio says of the special event: “With the arrival of the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, the station hopes to bring attention to this current moment by taking this time to learn about ourselves, how we impact the planet and how art can connect us and reinforce our consciousness of these issues. Specifically with a focus on bringing listeners’ attention to the planet we live on, to our surroundings, to the climate and to each other.”

Reform Radio is proud to be bringing this 24-hour broadcast to listeners at this time for Earth Day 2020, tying into other specialist, Earth themed programming throughout the week. This includes No Music On A Dead Planet, hosted by Olivia Swift, investigating the relationship between the music industry and the climate crisis. Featuring interviews with Tom Hardy (founding member of Adam and the Ants and part of the Music Declares Emergency group) and Clive Russell (head of the Extinction Rebellion Arts group), as well as discussions with the musicians taking the climate crisis into their own hands.

Good News For The Planet is twisting the typical doom and gloom environmental coverage and presenting listeners with positive stories that can give us all some hope for the future of the planet. Presented by Manchester-based artist, Anamelia, the programme will weave in uplifting tracks with stories of roaming Welsh goats and the UK’s smashing renewable energy records.

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