Review: Tom Grennan at Manchester Academy

The London based Bedford boy returns to Manchester to play an ever growing crowd as he sells out Manchester Academy.

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 26 October 2018

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Following the release of his first album, Grennan has been touring Europe on the festival circuit and now returns for his UK tour.

Tom has been putting the work in and has come a long way since his debut. He’s managed to transfer from a one-man acoustic show to become a venue filling chart indie as he opens up with an acoustic version of ‘Sweet Hallelujah’.

The stage set was nice and minimal with Tom’s name in bold as a backdrop, letting his voice do all of the work. It’s a perfect fit for this smaller venue, allowing him to interact directly with the crowd – “Are you ready to go fu#king mental?”

The next track ‘Barbed Wire’ is a perfect example of how he’s grown as an artist – a catchy and sellable tune that gets the crowd dancing.

He has a slip up on ‘Secret Lover’ to prove he’s human but the crowd cheer him through and he’s instantly forgiven. As we come toward the end of the gig, Grennan, who’s covered most of the stage, gets his sodden white vest out, a strong look that the die-hard fans on the front barrier are thankful for.

He comes out for his encore with the title track from his first EP ‘Something in the Water’. If there’s one song that represents Tom Grennan it’s this track, I don’t think there’s anyone who could make it sound like he does and it gets the biggest reaction of the night.

He finishes on ‘Patience’ to cap off a solid gig for someone who currently only has one album. If you missed this gig then dry your tears, bizarrely, Grennan is back in town on New Year’s Eve at Victoria Warehouse.

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