How the Big Brands are responding to the Covid-19 pandemic...

You know the deal here guys, we support the little guys. The independents.

By Alex Watson | 3 April 2020

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But as all of our timelines and TVs are filled with negative news, we’re on the hunt for things that will make you smile and restore your faith in humanity.

Any sort of disaster usually sparks up a community and as horrific as it’s been, one thing that’s come from this is the spotlight on the generosity of the public.

People have volunteered their time to the NHS by the bucket load, the nation took to their windows to applaud those on the front lines with a moving few minutes of solidarity.

Many of the big global brands have also had a change of heart. With retail stores now shut and deliveries back-logged for weeks, it’s only right the big corps who run the game change their direction and do their bit in the fight against COVID-19.

There's something NEW in store for Ancoats (and it includes FREE ...

One that has really stood out to us is the Manchester institution Co-op. Not only has Co-op partnered with us to support Manchester’s independent shops it’s also provided 5,000 extra jobs offering temporary employment to hospitality workers who have lost their jobs. They’re also providing 6,500 pupils with £20 weekly vouchers to those who normally receive free school meals.

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Other supermarkets, such as Tesco, have responded with select online delivery options for elderly shoppers. Morrison’s has dedicated itself to distributing £10m worth of food to the UK’s food banks which are struggling to meet demand due to declining self-isolating volunteers and reduced donations.

While we’re all stuck indoors doing our bit to stop the spread, the last thing we need is shoes. If you wear shoes inside your house you’re a mad head. Get some bloody slippers.

Nike is making face shields for healthcare workers during ...

Retail brands such as Gap and Nike have stopped trainer production to opt for producing personal protective equipment due to the current demand and shortages of such products.

Kurt Geiger pledged 55 gift cards of £100 to every intensive care unit in cities where it has a shop. The British brand also asked its 2,500 staff to volunteer for the community initiatives run by Age UK.

Support for NHS staff as resident living next to Southmead ...

The company is also planning a 50% discount to NHS staff when the lockdown is lifted.

The retail store isn’t the only one offering discounts to frontline staff with Costa and WHSmith offering discounts in hospital locations. The NCP is doing free parking for NHS staff and mindful app, Headspace is doing free subscription to help the mental health of workers.