Can you Knit? Help Big Issue North to warm people up this winter...

Big Issue North is looking for knitters to help their vendors through the cold months ahead.

By Alex Watson | 10 November 2020

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Margarida Afonso/Unsplash

Along with baking banana bread and becoming a jigsaw master, you might have found yourself taking up knitting in lockdown 1.0.

If you didn’t maybe it’s the skill your lockdown 2.0 will be defined by. And you’ll even be doing it to help a good cause.

While we all know the name ‘Big Issue‘ and can recite it as easily as Apple or Amazon, it can be easy to forget exactly what this business does. The company has been around since 1992, helping thousands of homeless or vulnerably housed vendors earn a living and improve their lives.

Les Triconautes/Unsplash

Big Issue North is looking for keen knitters to create knitwear for vendors to help through these upcoming cold winter months.

Whether you knit, sew or crochet and think you can create one of their wanted products, get in touch with them and see how you can help. They are looking for hats, gloves and scarves and anything that will keep people warm!

A variety of colourful hats and scarves.


Many people have already created some hats and scarves and luckily for you, I’ve collated a handy list of patterns ranging from beginner to elite Grandma level.

Once you’re done, send your knitwear to Big Issue North, 463 Stretford Road, Manchester, M16 9AB. 

You pick which one you wanna have a crack at…

Diane Helentjairs/Unsplash


How to Knit a Hat for COMPLETE Beginners (a video tutorial for all you visual learners). The Easiest Knitted Hat
A Beanie Hat – I’d say this one isn’t as easy as beginner level but it’s not quite mission impossible.
I Google The Hardest Knitting Pattern for a Hat Ever – good luck.


Mittens Gloves Knitted - Free photo on Pixabay


Mittens – these have gotta be easier than actual gloves with 10 extra bits.
In fact, forget the fingers and get an even easier pattern.
Screw it – do a wrist warmer


Kelly Sikkema/Unsplash


The easiest option here is to just start knitting and eventually I’m guessing you’ll have something that resembles a scarf.
Alternatively, here’s a ‘2 to Pebble Rib Scarf‘ that looks relatively easy.
Another video tutorial if you need it.


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