Christmas at Rosso Restaurant

I checked out Rosso's Christmas Menu last night to see how they do things at the top of King Street.

By Lee Isherwood | Last updated 17 January 2014

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With December already in full swing all things Christmas are very much top of everyones list of “things to do.” With that in mind I checked out Rosso’s Christmas Menu last night to see how they do things at the top of King Street.


So the first thing you’ll notice is the building wrapped in a big red bow, this is the first clue that Rosso don’t do festive merriment by halves. Inside and the decorations are out in style, the tree, the addition of a wood burning stove and a plentiful array of reds, golds and silvers smatter the bar and restaurant with Christmas flavour.

A drink at the bar before seating allows you to take it all whilst listening to one of a couple of artists Rosso employ to fill the air with the sounds of Sinatra, it wouldn’t be Christmas without a bit of Frank. That in mind it’s worth noting as I have many times that in my opinion Rosso so make the best Old Fashioned in town, so guys if you like a bit of bourbon and you fancy a cocktail then it’s the drink for you.

I’ve known the chaps at Rosso both personally and professionally for some time now and there are a few things that drive their focus, but the main one is fairly simple in its idea but very poignant for a place like this, it is a set of signs on the way out of the kitchens and back rooms that simply say “Every Rosso Customer is a VIP.” To some this may seem like a throw away statement but here it is a veritable mantra.

Nurez has told me that “Famous people will be famous people everywhere they go, so we leave them too it, we concentrate on giving everyone that walks through our door a level of service that is second to none”

Combine this ideal with Christmas and you’re in for an evening that won’t disappoint.


The Christmas menu is a tightly formed collection that aims to deliver that hearty traditional Christmas meal but with a touch of ‘Rosso’ – which for me is in the presentation and balance of those little extra touches. On the recommendation of our waiter I opted for the Zuppa con Zucca: Roast butternut squash soup with grated nutmeg & a sage scented starter, followed Tacchino main: Pan fried turkey breast with a ballotine of turkey leg stuffed with sage, onion and apricot. Served with herbed mashed potato, sausage wrapped in pancetta and rich pan juices.

Both courses were fantastic, the soup was a great balance of flavour and texture, the Turkey was cooked perfectly and accompanied by a rich gravy that set it off brilliantly.

Having a bit of a sweet tooth myself the best really was saved ’til last. Trionfo di Dolce – a selection of three desserts: panettone pudding with vanilla cream, Italian mess (Eaton mess done Rosso style) and chocolate panna cotta which by itself was something straight out of fine dining 101, beautiful.

In all I’d say Rosso has set me up for that month long festive spirit, it’s a great venue and decked out for Christmas it is unrivalled in our fair city. Head over there, let the waiter pick the wine, sit back, relax, eat and be merry, then pull a cracker and enjoy the spoils (I got a calculator.)