Introducing the Virtual Dog Cafes

Get a brew, get a biccie and get your plupper - there’s a virtual cafe coming to town (well, sort of).

By Alex Watson | 2 April 2020

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short-coated brown dog near pink petaled flower

There are 2 very special cafes, one virtual Sausage Dog Cafe and one Pug Cafe!

The usual doggo cafe events are on hold for the foreseeable, but with a community of doggos who just need to be seen and appreciated by all – it’s time to go virtual.

The pop-ups are being hosted to pull everyone together in a huge community of people who love pugs or dachshunds or just dogs in general.

black pug wearing yellow jacket

Dogs are the only things that can put a smile on our face at the minute and they need to be protected at all costs.

The event will start with the chance to introduce yourself and your fur baby and show off any impressive skills or dance moves you have undoubtedly spent your time learning these past few weeks.

There will then be a mass feeding of snacks. I imagine this bit might be a bit chaotic truth be told.


Dachshund Cafe

When: Saturday 4th April
Time: 12pm
Where: Zoom (find info thedachshundcafe)

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Pug Cafe

When: Sunday 5th April
Time: 2pm
Where: Zoom (find info @pug_cafe)

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