Is the Metrolink coming to Stockport?

Plans to finally bring the Metrolink to Stockport are apparently being ‘actively studied’...

By Manchester's Finest | 18 July 2022

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Credit: George Standen

Last week, Boris Johnson revealed that the Department of Transport is looking into the possibility of bringing the Metrolink into Stockport, in response to the MP for Cheadle saying she wants to see trams running through the town.

This follows the news that a new railway station connecting Cheadle to Stockport town centre and beyond had been given the green light, with nearly £14m from the government’s Towns Fund being used to construct that and two other projects.

This will include a north-south cycling and walking route to link the station – due to open in 2025 – to the town centre, as well as a new Eco Business Park on Bird Hall Lane.

Image: @walkaboutstockport

At Prime Minister’s Questions, Cheadle MP Mary Robinson said she would like to see the line for the new station turned into a double line with the Metrolink running alongside the trains.

She said: “After securing almost £14m in my town’s fund bid for Cheadle, I was delighted last week to get the green light for our new Cheadle rail station, and £4m for our state-of-the-art eco-business park.

“I have had tremendous support from the Cheadle Towns Board and local community who understand how important it is to have connected towns and villages bringing investment and hi-tech jobs to our area. I’m ambitious for Cheadle.

“I now want to secure the re-doubling of the mid-Cheshire line and the extension of Metrolink through my constituency.

“Will my right honourable friend join me in thanking the Towns Board and station working group for their support and agree with me that improving connectivity is key to economic growth and the future of our levelling up agenda.”

Johnson responded by saying: “It’s thanks to the massive exertions of this government in levelling up with the £650 billion investment in infrastructure that we’re having a new railway station in Cheadle, for instance, Mr Speaker.

“I know that the bids that my honourable friend just mentioned are now being actively studied by the Department for Transport and she should feed in more to them.”

Bringing the tram network to Stockport has been discussed as far back as 2004, and in 2020 Andy Burnham announced plans to do so within 10 years – by extending the East Didsbury line to Stockport’s new transport interchange.