Rochdale Council has set up hubs to help the vulnerable

The scheme will ensure that the most vulnerable members of the community can everything they need.

By Alex Watson | Last updated 31 March 2020

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There will be 4 new hubs opening up across Rochdale ensuring the most vulnerable people in the community can get easier access to everything they need including emergency food and essential items.

They will offer support for those in self-isolation who need help with things such as loneliness.

The hubs in Rochdale, Littleborough, Heywood and Middleton, will focus on the distribution of emergency food parcels and essential items so they are not left fending for themselves.

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Council Leader Allen Brett said: “This is a scary time for everybody, but particularly those who are older and more vulnerable. We judge ourselves on how we look after those who need our help the most, so we felt it was important to get this support in place as quickly as we could.

“I’m proud, but not surprised, by the fact that we already have a number of volunteers for our community hubs, both from our own staff and the community. Rochdale is really pulling together in this moment of crisis and the message is very clear: nobody in our borough will have to deal with this alone.”

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The hubs will be staffed by colleagues and volunteer who will all be trained in infection control and be practising social distancing while they work.

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People who need to access support through the community hubs can call the number: 01706923685.