Summer Menu @WhimWham

Whim Wham take their Gin Cocktails very seriously and I'm pleased to report that the same can be said about the food.

By Lee Isherwood | Last updated 19 July 2013

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Whim Wham Cafe, Manchester’s favourite Gin Saloon have launched a new menu & continuing in their mantra of Dinner, Drinking & Merriment Mr Tyas and I went along to check it out.

The first thing to say about the menu is that it conforms to all Chef Ramsey’s usual demands of a restaurant, keep it relevant, keep it simple and do fewer things to a higher standard.

Whim_Wham_Cafe_Summer_34 Whim_Wham_Cafe_Summer_37
Locally or UK sourced is the name of the game at Whim Wham with a selection of truly British ingredients making up a truly unique collection of dishes. Probably my favourite example of this is the Shire Egg; Lancashire & Cheshire combine to form a truly unique dish, Lancashire black Pudding, Cheshire Rabbit, Quail’s egg and Mustard butter.

Whim_Wham_Cafe_Summer_41 Whim_Wham_Cafe_Summer_44 Whim_Wham_Cafe_Summer_46

Other stand out dishes for me where the Wild Mushroom Cobbler – Blueberry, Mint & Pickled Walnut Salad and the Shoulder of Lamb. All fantastic. Whim Wham have arranged their menu in such a way that all dishes are available in 2 sizes, allowing you to order a collection and if you so wish to share you can do, avoids food envy.

The biggest kept secret about Whim Wham for me is the vegetarian dishes, probably the best I’ve ever eaten. Complex in idea and yet utterly simple in execution the Beetroot Dish on this menu delivers a depth I thought only possible with the inclusion of a bit of red meat.

Whim_Wham_Cafe_Summer_47 Whim_Wham_Cafe_Summer_49 Whim_Wham_Cafe_Summer_50 Whim_Wham_Cafe_Summer_51 Whim_Wham_Cafe_Summer_55 Whim_Wham_Cafe_Summer_62 Whim_Wham_Cafe_Summer_64


Whim Wham take their Gin Cocktails very seriously and I’m pleased to report that the same can be said about the food. We spent a hearty 3 hours getting through a fair sized sample of each dish and as a whole it’s a seriously good collection of food.

You can check out the full menu online here: