Third Party

This formidable pair burst onto the scene in 2011 so we decided we'd better have a word with them.

By Matthew Tyas | Last updated 13 June 2012

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Third Party

Third Party are where it’s at! This formidable pair burst onto the scene in 2011 thanks to their outstanding track “Release” grabbing the attention of Size Record’s head honcho and Swedish House Mafia Member Steve Angello, impressing him enough that he immediately signed them up and lent them his support.

Steve Angello isn’t the only one to give them the thumbs up either, the likes of Tiesto, David Guetta and Pete Tong have given Third Party big ups leading then to be including on SHM’s tour night in Miami and their UK tour and not forgetting three nights at Pacha, Ibiza!

2012 will no doubt be a MASSIVE year for Third Party and Bitch Manchester is where it’s going to kick off!

Thanks for chatting with us fellas; did you have a good festive break?

Yes we did thanks; we had a gig at Cream, Liverpool on Boxing Day so it wasn’t a long break!

2011 must have been a little breath taking for you, in a relatively short space of time you’ve gone from struggling artists to world-renowned protégés of Steve Angello, pinch yourselves much? How’s it been handling the rise?

2011 was an amazing year for us; we could never of imagined playing at some venues so soon into our career. We handled it by just working hard in the studio and trying to create as many big hits as possible.

When you where locked up in the studio, burrowing away making ‘Release’ did you think it would go down so well and open up so many doors?

Not at all to be honest. Especially because we had a basic setup in our living room at the time and was not expecting to make a track that Steve Angello would want to sign!

How do you go about producing together, do you think you compliment each other or do you tend to have a few disagreements with how things are arranged? C’mon dish the dirt!

We compliment each other by having disagreements but always working towards the same goal. It can be frustrating at times but on the whole it keeps your quality control at a high level as there are two of you instead of one.

Touring with SHM has got to be a bit of a highlight, for their stage shows alone, did you enjoy Miami? How different it is over there to the UK?

Miami is exactly what everyone suggests it to be; very hot and full of loads of beautiful people all up for a good time! The crowds are great there but we think the UK crowd still is maybe one of the best in the world; the US is still very new to the whole dance scene.

You’ve played for Bitch before and went down a storm! Are you looking forward to your return? And what can people expect from you this time?

Bitch are one of our favourite nights to play for as they always bring a great crowd in wherever they are!! We can’t wait to play again, going to be playing loads of new material so it should be a wicked night!

Have you found there’s been any extra pressure put on your now you’ve signed to size?

Bitch are one of our favourite nights to play for as they always bring a great crowd in wherever they are!! We can’t wait to play again, going to be playing loads of new material so it should be a wicked night!

We have always put a lot of pressure on ourselves and pressure is really good when you’re making music. We are just really grateful to be in a position with Size where we can make a track knowing it’s going to get the right exposure.

Does DJ’ing and producing feel like a proper job now you’re making waves or still having as much fun as in the beginning?

It can’t ever feel like a proper job because your having so much fun doing something you would do as a hobby anyway.

Who do you both look up to in the House music world?

We’re just gonna say three because to name all of them would be impossible: Steve Angello obviously, Daft Punk and Calvin Harris

Have you received any advice off others, the bigger names? Has it been good advice or are you just finding out the pitfalls and good bits yourselves?

Tiesto gave us some good advice about our mix on “feel” when we met him in Ibiza and the best advice we’ve had from Steve was to just concentrate on making big records first an foremost and then everything else will come into place, which we think is spot on!

What’s been the one thing you’ve turned out to hate about what you do? Hangovers in airports? Lack of sleep? Annoying fans?

Nothing is really majorly annoying and lack of sleep is something we’ve been used to for a while. I suppose warmup djs killing the crowd by smashing out every beatport number one of the year before you, that’s pretty annoying!

2012 is setting up to be another whopper for you; can you let us in on anything that’s in the pipeline?

We have a lot of new tracks all stored up for the summer that we are just finishing up now and some really big exciting shows in the pipeline for this year and a lot of shows with and Size have got some really big things about to happen this year as well. 2012 is going to be very exciting!

Quick fire round, to get to the really important stuff!

Ages: 23

Hometowns: Stansted Essex

Favourite type of takeaway: Chinese

Favourite drink: Jonnie – Jack Daniels + Coke and Jåger bombs/
Harry – Patron

Superhero you’d want to be: Jonnie – Batman / Harry – Superman always

What’s your porn star name: Third Leg…. haha

Last time you laughed so hard you cried and why: Jonnie – recently when a good friend of mine fell head first into a plant in a posh restaurant / Harry watching “Two old men try to fight” on YouTube (look it up)

If you could do anything other than what you do now you’d: Jonnie – Professional Golfer / Harry – Be a hotel reviewer you still get to travel, you’re treated amazingly everywhere you go, free food and drink seems pretty easy.

Twitter or Facebook: Both but Harry doesn’t have facebook so he has to say Twitter

What do you think of the term ‘EDM’: Haha I see that term a lot on YouTube comments and forums but I don’t think people who actually leave their bedroom really use that term much do they??

What did you get your mother’s for Xmas: Jonnie – earrings / Harry – boots

And finally…. What track is currently doing it for you: “In my mind” it’s a track coming out soon on Axtone and its really good! And then our RHCP “Otherside” remix is going down amazingly well when we’ve been playing it out at the moment.

BOOM! Can’t wait to see you in Manchester on January 28th!

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