Mint Lounge

Nightlife institution laying claim to a storied decade-spanning history of drum & bass, UK Funky, dubstep, garage and more

Mint Lounge
45-50 Oldham Street, Manchester, M4 1LE
0161 228 1495

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: Closed
Thursday: Closed
Friday: Closed
Saturday: 10.30pm-4am
Sunday: Closed

We weren’t joking in 2022 when our feature on Mint Lounge ran with a headline: ‘The Club That Shaped Manchester’s Bass Sound’. The basement spot that’s been holding down the Northern Quarter since long before the neighbourhood shot into lists of world’s best places to live has been an integral and fundamental part of our city’s night and music culture since it opened. And during that time, it has helped some of the region’s most visible and respected promoters and parties establish themselves. Not to mention the artists who have emerged from the various scenes this place has nurtured. 

When we published the article it coincided with the release of a short documentary on the same idea, made by our excellent video team. Talking heads discuss how much heritage and history, culture and community has walked into, come out of, and still exists within Mint Lounge. Luminaries like Konny Kon, DRS, and Strategy were quick to get involved, keen to share thoughts on the influence of 45-50 Oldham Street, citing landmark events such as Riot Jazz and sorely-missed hip hop institution Friends & Family as examples of beloved crews who have called the place home. That’s when sessions such as the notoriously “rum-fuelled” Ballin’ On A Budget weren’t in full swing.

In many ways, little has changed at Mint Lounge since those days — it remains a focal point for underground, low-end-heavy sounds, and a particularly Manchester take on those to say the least. Post-pandemic has been excruciatingly difficult for clubs and live music venues alike, but bolstered by hugely popular tickets such as Ghosts of Garage and the decade-spanning, scene-defining Hit & Run, it’s clear that, even in the face of huge challenges, the significance of this place is, and will always be, huge. An essential destination for veteran heads, wet-eared newcomers, and anyone else who wants in.