Old Granada Studios – The Coronation Street Tour

By Manchester's Finest | 25 June 2014

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“I think life without Coronation Street would be unthinkable. It’s a part of all our lives.” – Michael Parkinson

Ever fancied pulling a pint in The Rovers? Running up a pair of knickers in Carla’s Factory or popping into The Kabin for a gossip with Norris and Rita? Well for fans of one of the nation’s favourite soaps, Coronation Street, the dream came true back in April when Old Granada Studios opened its doors to the public to get a behind the scenes look at one of the longest running programmes on British TV.

For those of a certain age (like me) you might remember the original Granada Studios Tour, which closed over 15 years ago. Back then there was a Backstage Tour, The Sooty Show, Motionmaster and a New York Street among the highlights of what visitors to the attraction had to look forward to. This time around its purely Corrie from start to finish, and that’s no bad thing, after all its often about quality not quantity and you DO get to feel like you have been part of the 50 year history of ‘the street’ for the hour the tour lasts.

What’s great is that these are the real sets that were used by the cast and crew up until December last year when they moved to their new home over at MediaCity. From the moment you are greeted by your entertaining tour guide its non stop action with glimpses inside stars dressing rooms, costume, make up and of course those all important Coronation Street sets. My favourite one has to be Gail’s living room (I would say her surname but she’s been married that many times now I can’t keep up with what that is). It was so much smaller than I imagined, and bizarre to see the stairs, that her son David had stomped up in numerous scenes, led to nowhere!

Guests are given a wonderful trip down memory lane with a short film made up of some of the most iconic moments on the street which make you realise just how many births, deaths and marriages have happened since it has been on our screens.

The best is definitely saved for last as you reach the end of the tour – with access to the actual Coronation Street! There’s a real spine tingling moment as the unforgettable theme music starts blasting, the doors are thrown open and you can behold Weatherfield in all its glory (complete with stone cladding from what used to be Jack & Vera’s).

Don’t forget your camera as you can stay on the street for as long as you want taking snaps in front of all the houses and shops. If you are brave enough to lie down on the cobbles you can even recreate the Tina pose (after being pushed off the building site by the evil Rob).

At the moment the Coronation Street Tour is only scheduled to open to the public till October so grab your chance to see it now. Whether you are a fan of the soap or not, you won’t be disappointed.

Tickets are priced from £15 and are available via Ticketmaster: