The Hare and the Tortoise, Waterside Arts Centre, Sale

Telling the tale of one of Aesop’s famous Fables in their own distinctive way, Stuff and Nonsense Theatre Company have decamped to the Waterside Arts Centre for half term week bringing their special brand of interactive theatre, tireless energy and cheeky fun with them. We meet the super speedy and highly amusing Hare and the slow, gentle, mild mannered Tortoise who rather uniquely plays the cello.


We see the Hare challenge the Tortoise to compete in a tournament of speed and skill to determine who is the best of all. Geoff and Chris Canary of ‘Pie in the Sky Sports’ talk us through a series of testing events which includes long jump, leap frog, shot put, dancing, racquet ball and the Hare’s very own made up game of ‘Jungle King’ (in which all the rules seem to benefit him). The show is wonderfully acted and has the audience both young and old enchanted right from the start. With just two seriously hardworking performers it’s a brilliantly crafted show.

Stuff and Nonsense’s Artistic Director, Niki McCretton’s, creativity and passion for making theatre that is just as engaging for parents as it is for children is clear to see. With entertaining interactive elements and lots of laughs this show is very warmly received. The performers create a world in which the audience is totally absorbed; complemented by the Robert Bolt theatre which is the perfect setting for this fab show. Their modern twist on this old classic is witty and sharp, with a brilliant dance off where we see Riverdance, air guitar and a fabulous tango to name but a few, then witness Graham (Pie in the Sky commentator) miss the all-important winner of the final race due to being busy texting his Mum! If you’re looking for a fun way to entertain the kids (and adults) this half term then is the perfect show for you. Showing at the Waterside Arts Centre, Sale until October 30th.



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