11 Top Tips for the Perfect Spa Etiquette

In preparation for Father's Day, Spa Satori have provided us, and your good selves, some essential tips to ensure you have the most relaxing and beneficial spa ever!

By Steven Pankhurst | 7 June 2017

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In preparation for Father’s Day, Spa Satori have provided us, and your good selves, some essential tips to ensure you have the most relaxing and beneficial spa ever!

Nicer for you…Nicer for therapist
It’s always a good idea to have yourself a shower on the day of a massage. You don’t need to shower after the massage as the lovely essential oils are moisturising your skin and doing lots of other good stuff for your body! Don’t worry, you won’t come out dripping with oil and you can always ask your therapist not to put oil in your hair if you wish.

Mother’s Pride 
Make sure you keep your fresh underwear on. When they say strip down for a massage, it’s not like having a bath, keep your modesty covered up!

Your Health Comes First
Let the staff know any issues prior to arriving for your treatment. It could be something as simple as a cold, hay fever or even an achy neck from sleeping funny – it’s all great, it means your treatment can be tailored to provide the most useful essential oils ensuring you get the most from it.

Everyone does it!
Let’s be honest – sometimes your treatment makes you fart. No lovely way to say it unfortunately. Don’t panic though, it happens all the time, especially for pregnant women or if your digestion is poor. Don’t be embarrassed; it’s just your body naturally relaxing and that can only be a good thing.

First Impressions
Be sure to show up in good time (10 mins) and you’ll be more relaxed and not miss any of your treatment. It will allow you to have a nice relaxing drink and go the toilet if needed!

The Big Chillout
After your treatment it can be beneficial to just take a few minutes on the treatment bed to yourself and adjust after your treatment. You can always chill out in the lounge or waiting area while you get ready for the rest of your day.

Dress to Impress 
For tanning treatments and Sauna, we suggest you wear swimwear. It’s a bit like being told a party is fancy dress and then finding it’s not, you just want to be dressed appropriately and everyone’s much more relaxed!

Zonked Out
What if you fall asleep during your treatment? It can still be beneficial – you must have needed it and is an excellent compliment! Your therapist will wake you up gently before they leave so you can get dressed. You won’t be left to doze so don’t panic about missing your tram home!

Spa Virgin 
If you’ve never tried a spa before – what might be a good first treatment? Well it really depends on what your health issues are and what you would like to get from your time. The best thing to do is talk to the staff who will be happy to advise and make you feel comfortable!

Budda Belly
To ensure ultimate comfort, try to avoid having a massage when you’ve just eaten or drunk lots of liquids. Try avoiding toxins in your system pre or post treatment too, such as smoking or alcohol. Drink plenty of water to ensure you flush the toxins out and don’t get a nasty headache!

It’s Good to Talk… Sometimes! 
If you’re simply feeling a bit yuck or down, let your therapist know and be open if you just want to get on with your treatment and be alone with your thoughts. They won’t be offended!

Tailored Treatments to Suit You
Let your therapist know during the treatment if you want to adjust the pressure or the temperature of the room. What suits one person doesn’t always suit another and it’s all about ensuring you have a great treatment!

Your Time Out
When you come into the spa – give your mobile a break too. Pop it on silent or switch it off so you and everyone else can truly enjoy and relax during your treatment

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