BooHoo's next top model

Last weekend BooHoo held open casting in Manchester in the search for their next model.

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 16 October 2011

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Last weekend one of online shopping’s biggest names held on casting in Manchester, searching for their next model.

Boohoo’s hunt for a real woman to become part of their new campaign had just one rule, you had to be over 16.

On arrival, the hopefuls were whisked into hair and makeup before having a photo taken which was then uploaded to Facebook. They then had the unenviable task of doing the catwalk in front of a panel of judges and then answering a few questions.

The judges included Umar Kamani, the owner of Boohoo and Corrie stars Michelle Keegan and Ryan Thomas. An event such as this provides a huge opportunity for the ladies and proves you don’t have to be size 0 to be a model. It’s something for Boohoo to be applauded for, as pressure from the media to be skinny and perfect is making some young girls feel worthless.

Michelle, who was voted the sexiest female at the Inside Soap Awards for the third year running last week, said:  ‘I don’t see myself as sexy anyway, and I think that’s a good thing for young girls to see. They don’t have to have the sexy sex appeal or whatever they think, like wear lots of makeup and wear small outfits.

‘I mean that’s not what sex appeal is about; it’s about being body confident and being real, being yourself as well.’ It was a view shared by many of the hopefuls.

Josie from Manchester said ‘I don’t think these days everyone has to be stick thin to be a model. I think that’s just a cliché nowadays. I don’t think you have to be tall and skinny to be a model any more that’s in the past.’

The judges now have a few weeks to look through the tapes and pictures before they choose the winner.


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