Bruntwood to Transform King Street's 60s Pall Mall into a "Centre for Sustainability and Wellbeing"

The retail and leisure arm of Bruntwood has submitted a planning application to redesign and revitalise the Grade II listed Pall Mall in the heart of the city.

By Emma Davidson | Last updated 28 June 2022

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Bruntwood Works has announced plans to transform the derelict Pall Mall into a centre for sustainability and wellbeing in the heart of the city. 

Located on King Street, the property will include 85,000 sq ft of office and hospitality space across its three blocks. The space was acquired by Bruntwood back in October 2021, with the hope of transforming it into an eco-friendly hub for innovation.

Standing derelict for almost four years now, Pall Mall was originally built in 1969, serving as an office block for various different businesses. Bruntwood’s plans will see the space transformed as part of its £200m Pioneer programme that aims to creative vibrant, community led spaces centred on six key pillars; biophilia, art, sustainability, amenity, wellness and technology. 

The main elements of the Pall Mall revamp are: 

  • The relocation of the main entrance from King Street to the internal piazza 
  • The conversion of ground floor space to retail/food and beverage  
  • Reactivation of under-utilised piazza 
  • Refurbishment of office space to create grade A accommodation 
  • Creation of flexible workspace on three floors 
  • A new façade system to improve the building’s environmental efficiency and contribute to NZC targets. 
  • Tenant wellness facilities in the basement.

The work sets out to preserve and protect the cultural and historical heritage of buildings, whilst delivering a modern reinvention with a focus on a net zero carbon development. 

The Pall Mall fit out will be approached with a ‘circular economy model’ to create one of Bruntwood Works’ sustainable serviced space to date, incorporating materials such as timber partitions and individually metered serviced suites so that users can keep track of their specific energy use. 

The plans for the ground floor have a focus on hospitality, something that is synonymous with Bruntwood Works’ other designs and the current entrance will also be moved, creating an outdoor piazza in a previously unused space. It is also hoped that this will ease congestion on King Street for a calming welcome experience for guests. 


A wellness studio with a gym, cycle store, high-end showers, changing area, towel service, drying room and ironing space are also all being planned as part of the new development to encourage a healthy and productive workforce.

A number of new amenities, including a coffee shop, co-working lounge, multi-functional meeting rooms, a screening room, pitch and presentation area, co-working pods and a roof terrace will also be introduced, alongside Bruntwood Works’ full product range. 

The interior refurbishment on the Grade II listed building will be a nod to its beginnings creating a laid-back mid-century feel featuring warm timbers, natural finishes and rich, earthy tones. 

Pall Mall will form part of Brunwood’s cluster of city centre properties with connected communities and collaborative areas across the city. Other Bruntwood projects include Bloc, Manchester Club, Bond (formerly known as 38-42 Mosley Street) and 57 Spring Gardens.