Europe's Largest Arcade, Hidden in a Warehouse in Bury, just got BIGGER!

They've just added a fourth floor to this massive retro and arcade nirvana...

By Manchester's Finest | 1 August 2022

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It’s a warehouse packed with the world’s best retro arcade games, pinball machines and even newer, more technologically impressive marvels.

The whole place has been a passion project for owner Andy Palmer for a fair few years now, first starting with his collection of 30 machines at the back of a computer shop, and then quickly expanding into a warehouse in Bury, incorporating three floors of machines, and now – a brand-new 4th floor!

The venue is still split up into relatively loose ‘sections’ with the main floor still housing a host of brand-new and unusual arcade and rhythm games, from the virtual table flipping game, to Namco’s Quick & Crash shooting gallery which uses real targets and even a real mug you can shoot (if you’re quick enough!)

Also here you’ll find VR headsets, PCs for Fortnite and Rocket League, and a host of Japanese sit-down ‘candy cabinets‘ playing the very best shoot and beat ’em ups from the last 20 years.

Up the stairs on the 3rd floor you’ll find the Retro Arcade, a HUGE space that’s pretty much an 80’s arcade dream world where the only thing missing is the whiff of excessive cigarette smoke and gangs of gobby little kids looking to spend their dinner money.

There’s some of the best games ever up here including my favourites Marble Madness, Crystal Castles, Point Blank and the ever-lovely Ms Pac Man. Plus a HUGE X-Men 8 PLAYER in here, alongside quite possibly the most beautiful 1982 Star Wars arcade you’re ever likely to find.

The new 4th floor is actually on the Ground Floor of the warehouse and features some never-before-seen arcade machines and some modern classics. There’s a Mario Kart GT machine in there, plus VR Agent – a brand new virtual reality machine sent to Arcade Club from SEGA, a ‘tap tile’ game called Speed of Light, plus much, much more.

Arcade Club Bury is open on Thursdays from 4pm – 11pm, Fridays from 6pm – 12am, Saturdays from 11am – 11pm and Sundays from 11am – 8pm.