Memberships are now OPEN for Manchester's Newest & Most Advanced Gym!

GSquared Health Clubs look set to change the face of fitness...

By Manchester's Finest | 23 March 2021

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Led by its CEO Andy McGlynn, GSquared Health Clubs offers up opulent interiors with cutting-edge innovation, creating a “multi-faceted approach to fitness and wellbeing.”

This first-class fitness facility is set within the vaults of the Royal Exchange Arcade on St Anne’s Square, and is set to launch THIS APRIL.

Within the 12,000 sq ft of innovative training space there’s an indoor running track, a 20-metre sled track, CV garden, performance room, free weight area, resistance equipment, assault course – with monkey bars, rope regain and cargo net, full free motion cable suite, and a climbing wall – a first for a gym in Manchester.

The flexible studio space is atmospherically lit to raise energy in the high intensity areas and add a sense of calm for the holistic studio sessions.

A ground-breaking addition to the health club is the innovative COSMED’s BodPod machine, a body composition tool and an efficient form of body fat testing. The BodPod provides immediate results and is less invasive than the current standard of testing that some gyms offer.

This week sees the opening of GSquared’s exclusive three-tiered memberships – Executive, Platinum and Platinum Plus.

The most exclusive gym membership in the city, the Platinum Plus features a host of benefits, including private chauffeur service to GSquared. A personalised approach, GSquared Health Clubs’ membership application will be prearranged appointments or VR technology tours for prospective members.

The space itself is so innovative and advanced that you need to book in for a personal consultation with the team if you’re looking for a membership. This isn’t like any old gym where you can sign up with your debit card and pop down on your lunch break for a quick selfie!

To secure one of the limited remaining memberships sign-up here…

Membership Enquiries

This service is part of GSquared’s 7-stage member introduction – ‘YouSquared’ – the most advanced gym induction in the world, including body composition analysis, spinal alignment, full health and wellbeing analysis and more. From here a bespoke training and fitness programme is created as a result of the analysis of the information; the more information retrieved, means the more accurate the plan, leading to a more efficient way of training.

Those looking for membership will be invited in to meet the team to discuss what the prospective member is looking for out of the experience, as well as being given an overview of the gym and just how unique it really is. During these uncertain times, this interview can be conducted virtually and there’s also a new CGI virtual tour of the space to be taken through.

From Royal Marine Commando, to leading on the front line in the world of personal training and gyms, Andy McGlynn is passionate about creating a concept that’s not just a fitness facility, but a sanctuary to restore, re-energise and revive. A place with vision for routing out ground-breaking research to understand the physiology of the human body through exercise and holistic treatments, in order to deliver the most accurate world-leading fitness practices.

Andy McGlynn was instrumental in introducing a successful PT culture across the UK and specifically to Manchester in the early 00’s. Now, one of the most diversely qualified PT’s in the world, Andy has been involved in some incredible transitions, which has given him an understanding and a level of experience that is second to none; backed up with an impressive CV of nutritional, sports and PT qualifications.


Access to GSquared Health Club at Royal Exchange Arcade, or via the adjoining The Remedy Kitchen – the first and only free-from café concept in the city.

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