Infra_MANC @Cube

Fanciful dreams of a city centre heliport at Infra_Manc at the Cube Galllery.

By Matthew Tyas | 16 February 2012

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Infra_MANC will provide a chance to look at the processes involved in the procurement, marketing and delivery of key infrastructural projects of the post-war era.
The Mancunian Way, the never realised Picc-Vic tunnel, the Guardian Exchange and fanciful dreams of a city centre heliport will all be presented using artefacts found and recovered from the various archives and museums of the region.

fanciful dreams of a city centre heliport will all be presented…

Infra_MANC is part of Manchester Histories Festival on from 24th February–4th March.

The exhibition is curated by Richard Brook (Manchester School of Architecture) and Martin Dodge (Department of Geography, University of Manchester), with support and help from MIRIAD, Museum of Transport Greater Manchester, and Greater Manchester County Record Office with the City Archives.

Preview: (invitation only): 24th February 2012
Mon-Fri 12-5:30pm
Saturday: 12-5pm
Sunday: closed