Quiz Night @Britons Protection

What better place to do a pub quiz than a pub? Exactly, so try Headpickle at The Britons's Protection.

By Matthew Tyas | Last updated 29 May 2012

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What better place to do a pub quiz than a pub? Yes bars are lovely and the check shirted tight trouser-ed and bearded youths that frequent them are a constant source of amusement, but pubs are where it’s at. So in celebration of the pub the Briton’s Protection created ‘Headpickle’ a bugger of a quiz that’s as traditional as the Queen’s under garments and as enjoyable as tickling a kitten.

Headpickle poster

‘Headpickle’will have a magnificent cash jackpot and a ‘rollover’ question each week (starting with £50 in the pot), it’ll also have some lovely free food (stews, chillies etc) so you won’t even have to set foot in the kitchen of a Wednesday!

The quiz will feature the usual Picture rounds/sound rounds/film rounds/music rounds/general knowledge/media etc…Sound good? We think so.

So give the bars a break and try a real pub with a real quiz. If you like beer you’ll be sorted, if you like whiskey you’ll be in heaven (Britons have over 300 of them).