The Best Rooftop Bars in Manchester

In 1995 Robson & Jerome stole the nation's hearts and sang 'Up On The Roof' to critical acclaim.

Not only were these boys devilishly handsome but they could belt out a tune to rival even the most well-respected crooners.

They managed to sell CD singles by the shed load and both subsequently went on to become national treasures. The only reason I’m mentioning them is because they sung a cover of that song and this is an article about being up on the roof in Manchester’s best roof top spaces…

The Ivy Spinningfields
The Ivy might not be everyone’s cup of tea but I personally think you should visit here at least one in your life – just to tick it off the list. If you can get yourself up on their Rooftop Garden – even better – as it not only provides some lovely views of the surrounding areas, it’s also been decked out really well – almost as if Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen has had free reign to do whatever he likes. It looks fantastic and actually – the cocktails here are excellent – you can spend a fair few hours in luxury up here and have the best day ever.

The Ivy Spinningfields, The Pavilion, Byrom St, Manchester M3 3HG


The first time I ever went to YES I ran up the stairs like a 7-year-old going to bed after watching a scary movie, ignoring pretty much every single thing on the first 2 floors. Pizza and beers? Don’t care. A PINK room? Not bothered. What I only actually cared about was checking out their rooftop bar – one which has seemingly been inspired by those sexy NYC ones you have a £15 pint in when you go over there on holiday. Luckily for us all – pints are only about £3 in here and the space – is gorgeous.

YES, 38 Charles St, Manchester M1 7DB


King Street Townhouse
Here we have another really posh hotel with a proper nice south facing roof terrace in which you can enjoy the views of the town hall while supping a cocktail and texting your mates. One of the big selling points of this new hotel however, apart from presumably getting a little mint on your pillow in your room, is the rooftop infinity pool. I get the feeling that without Instagram, infinity pools would never have been as successful as they have been recently, but there’s no denying that being able to have a chill in the water while looking at the lovely sights of the city is a massive draw. It’s only available to guests so you should probably start saving up now.

King Street Townhouse, 10 Booth St, Manchester M2 4AW
0161 667 0707


Terrace NQ
I always think this one is a bit of a hidden gem. How often are we stuck in the Northern Quarter gasping for a pint in the sunshine and not being able to think of somehwere to go? Fear not- Terrace NQ has a little secret terrace up the stairs and it is cute AF. Clue is in the name I guess, but for a long time it didn’t even clock. Small and cosy with simple furniture, fairy lights and a great atmosphere and when you come at the right time it can be bathed in sunshine. There isn’t a view mind, but for a little bit of privacy at this hidden little spot, it is a price we are willing to pay. If you haven’t drank there before, they have a cracking choice of beers, spirits and wine to boot- and it has summer 2018 written all over it.

Terrace NQ, 43 Thomas St, Manchester M4 1NA
0161 819 2345


20 Stories
This bar and restaurant has quickly scampered its way up to the most Instagrammable spots in Manchester list without even breaking a sweat. Housed at the top of the much anticipated, shining glass beacon that is No. 1 Spinningfields… 20 Stories up which hardly takes an architectural boffin to work out where they got that name from. The beautiful terrace contains actual trees, outdoor fireplaces and lots of places to bask in the sun with a couple of cocktails – not to mention probably the best view of Manchester there is.

20 Stories, No 1 Spinningfields, 1 Hardman Square, Spinningfields, Manchester, M3 3EB
0161 204 3333


Lower Turks Head
After years of being derelict, the Lower Turks Head was given a This Morning-style makeover and is now one of the more decent, proper boozers in the city centre. As well as loads of wood and booze, there’s also a big roof terrace upstairs which most people don’t even know about. It’s a proper sun trap and is big enough for over 20 big burly boys. I went here on my 30th birthday and we all had a right good laugh in the sun – don’t forget your sun cream though – nobody wants to look like David Dickinson after a week in Tunisia when they get back to work on a Monday.

The Lower Turks Head, Shudehill, Manchester M4 1EZ
07776 144203


Big Hands
This legendary pre & post gig venue near the Manchester Academy has been a staple for many Mancs throughout the years; primed as the perfect place to have a fair few bevvies while listening to the great jukebox and waiting for the doors to open at 7. There’s loads of fizzy beers, tins of Red Stripe and Liam Gallagher circa. 1997 haircuts to be found as well as a cracking roof garden which provides a welcome escape from the bar downstairs. Although Oxford Road is usually rammed with buses and slow moving BMW’s, the garden provides a lovely little oasis away from it all – where you can have a chat about the latest band or the best parka to buy to go with your new gazelles.

Big Hands, 296 Oxford Rd, Manchester M13 9NS
0161 272 7309


Cloud 23
Although this bar isn’t on the roof, it’s technically this highest in the city so can be included in this list without any further repercussions. You know the deal by now – it’s got amazing views of the city, a little glass floor where you can look straight down the full 23 storeys and has a huge selection of cocktails and drinks in which to sup while feeling slightly superior to the plebeians you glimpse walking on the streets below. Once again they also offer a fantastic Afternoon Tea here as well, which, coupled with the views is enough to impress anybody – regardless of how boring or ugly you are.

Cloud 23, Beetham Tower, 303 Deansgate, Manchester M3 4LQ
0161 870 1670


Honest Burgers
Okay so the roof isn’t actually that high here – in fact I reckon that fella who was always on the Guinness World Records TV show with Daley Thompson and Roy Castle – that dead tall one – could probably nick a chip off your plate while walking past. He’d be in for a treat though because I must say – the chips t Honest Burger are fucking fantastic. Anyway – this is still officially a rooftop bar and it’s a great one to eat and drink in regardless of its height.

Honest Burgers, 36 Bridge St, Manchester M3 3BT


Club Brass at Hotel Gotham
This place is only open to hotel guests and members but once you’re up here you can enjoy some fabulous views of the city while enjoying cocktails in a Prohibition-style speakeasy. You can choose from a load of cocktails and even a bar menu and judging by the pictures – it’s definitely a place where I would not be welcome. My dirty scruffy hair and manky converse full of horse manure will clearly not be encouraged in this pretty opulent, exclusive space. So if you manage to get a reservation here, or fancy shelling out half a lung for membership, get your glad-rags on, comb your hair, de-louse your underpants and enjoy a splendid day of elegance and sophistication in the sun.

Hotel Gotham, 100 King St, Manchester M2
0161 413 0000


BrickHouse Social
What and where is the BrickHouse Social?! Well, those in the know will already know where it is and what it’s all about. The rest of you who don’t know what the hell is going on – BrickHouse Social  took over the old Black Dog Ballroom NWS site down near Oxford Road last year and they’ve been cutting themselves a rather nice little slice of the action with a rather banging brunch on the weekend and a menu of pizzas and posh kebabs during the week. Of course, the fantastic rooftop terrace is still there – offering the perfect sun spot that’s also under cover in bit come the inevitable Manchester rain. With a bar right there it’s the perfect place to spend a sunny day with your mates.

BrickHouse Social, 11-13 New Wakefield St, Manchester M1 5NP
0161 236 4899


The Deansgate Tavern
As the high-born nobles drink cocktails in their elegant gowns up at Cloud 23, us riff-raff can drink pints of cider with a packet of Quavers on the roof of The Deansgate far below and have a fantastic day in the sun while enjoying the views of Deansgate and the ever looming Beetham Tower. This beer garden not only looks lovely, it’s a proper lively little space with plenty of chat and banter going on – if you don’t manage to make some random friends while sitting here then there’s something wrong with you. Or you’re Rain Man.

The Deansgate Tavern, 321 Deansgate, Manchester M3 4LQ
0161 839 5215


Find yourself in the Village on a sunny day and you will be inundated with outdoor options. All along Canal Street you will find seating lined up where you can enjoy a blue WKD while watching the world go by. The one thing that annoys me about this though are those stupid glass and metal barriers that the council placed all along the canal wall – it used to look so much better before they ruined it with health and safety. Therefore I suggest G-A-Y and their fantastic roof terrace. Conveniently located right opposite a brand-new set of offices or flats, the view has suffered massively – but it’s still great when the sun is shining – and to watch people walk past down Canal Street below.

G-A-Y, 63 Richmond St, Manchester M1 6JB
0161 228 6200


Great John Street Hotel
I’ve never had the pleasure of staying over at Great John Street – I usually have had to plump for a Premier Inn or a bus stop when I’ve needed to stay over in town and didn’t have somewhere to stay. It’s a big favourite amongst the celebrities and high flyers in the city though, and their rooftop lounge and playground surely must play a part in this. Unfortunately they’re having the hotel completely refurbished at the moment and it doesn’t look like it will be finished until 2021 – but once its done – we will be right up there and on the roof for a pint – like a thirsty rat up a drainpipe.

Great John Street Hotel, Great John St, Manchester M3 4FD
0161 831 3211



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