Manchester’s Best Lockdown Curry Deliveries & Takeaways

Now the weather has taken a turn for the worst, get something hot and spicy inside you...

Now I’m not knocking the long list of local curry houses that you’ll find in the Yellow Pages or on Just Eat but if you want a guaranteed top-notch curry experience – get involved with one of these…

Cafe Marharba
There’s a constant battle every day in the Northern Quarter between those who have been to Marharba and those that haven’t. Those that have – well, the battle has been won – you’ve achieved the pinnacle in lunchtime curry achievements. Those that have never been to Cafe Marharba though – that’s where the struggle is. It’s okay, it’s not very far away at all – you can do it…

Cafe Marharba, 36 Back Piccadilly, Manchester, M1 1HP
0161 228 7377


This lot have made a big splash in the city since turning up a few years back and there’s only really one reason why – and that’s because the food is out of this bloody world! There’s not enough space here for me to just start reeling off my favourite dishes – there’s waaay too many of them – so my advice? Spend about £100 on it all and have the best time ever with the best Indian ever.

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This will come as music to the ears of anyone who is a fan of outstanding Indian food; Bundobust is on Deliveroo! Alongside their usual selection of amazing dishes, they’ve also created a few Christmas specials including a Mince Pie Paratha, Festive Curry and their legendary Sprout Bahjis.

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The masters of anything with a bit of spice in it, Zouk just love to feed you – and they’re not going to let a global pandemic get in the way. There’s something for everyone here – from traditional curries, kebabs, platters, roast dinners, whole lambs stuffed with rice – you can’t go wrong really!

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This place near the Man City stadium is HUGE. Just driving past, it makes you think how they manage to even fill it half full, but they manage to fill it week-in, week-out – all because of the food. They’ve got a small but impressive menu available for delivery or collection – and you can be sure of a top notch meal.

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Chit n Chaat
A brand-new Indian street food place in Rusholme, I’ve yet to actually visit Chit n Chaat yet but I’ve heard very good things. The menu is full of fantastic little dishes that you’d find on the streets of India, like dosas, chaats, pavs, bhajis, patties, momos and parathas. If you know any of those things listed there – you’ll know you’re in for a treat.

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Chapati Café
This Chorlton eatery is well-known throughout the suburbs as an excellent place for a proper decent curry. A big part of their delivery options revolve around their ‘Thali Meals’ basically an assortment of 3 curried with rice or chapatis. Perfect.

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Mughli Charcoal Pit
Ooof I love myself a bit of Mughli action every now and then and so if you’re looking for a high-quality Indian experience – look no further than these true masters. Their curries are excellent but it’s all about their sides and the little street food things they offer. There’s Gunpowder Potatoes, Okra Fries, Tava Rolls and if you don’t order yourself at least one portion of their Bang Bang Chicken – there’s no point ordering anything at all.

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This & That
A Manchester institution, This & That have been offering pick up from their location in the Northern Quarter since the start of lockdown. That’s right, everyone’s favourite ‘Rice & Three’ can still be enjoyed during the lockdown, just head on down and grab what you like. They’re also doing ‘Curry Hampers’ delivered to your door – which is just a genius idea all round.

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Lily’s Vegetarian Indian Cuisine
Recently Lily’s opened up in Chorlton, so there’s no need to travel all the way to Ashton to enjoy their outstanding veggie Indian offerings. Just how great Lily’s is can’t really be explained in words – you just have to try it for yourself. Head on down for some proper Indian delicacies too – and probably the best samosas you’ll ever taste in your life. Perhaps pop in while you’re queuing for IKEA?

Lily’s Indian Vegetarian Cuisine,
85 Oldham Rd, Ashton-under-Lyne OL6 7DY
Unit A, 102 Manchester Rd, Chorlton, M21 9SZ

0161 339 4774


Namaste Nepal
A West Didsbury staple, going to Namaste is like an initiation process for anyone moving into the area, but one that’s highly enjoyable and hopefully repeated. Technically serving up Nepalese grub, there’s a great mix of unique Himalayan dishes alongside the more traditional Indian favourites.

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Yadgar’s Cafe
Another contender for best Rice & Three in the city, Yadgar’s is a no-nonsense kind of place – you go in, tell him what you want and then you tuck in. No fuss, no chatter and certainly no problems! There’s always a decent selection of curries on offer each day and throughout lockdown you can pop in and get them to takeaway.

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Camel One
Saviour of many a student at 4am after a night out, Camel One on Rushlome has achieved almost legendary status as one of the best kebab and curry houses in the city. Well, you can now get their outstanding dishes delivered straight to your door – which is much more preferable than getting your wellies on and going out in this pissing rain.

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Ziya Asian Grill
A more modern approach to the traditional curry house, Ziya are offering up a delivery service and I’ll be eternally thankful to them for that. The quality of ingredients is always high and there are some real stand-out chef’s specials on the menu to try. Personally, their lamb Methi Gosht curry is one of the best things you’ll ever eat.

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If any time we’ve ever put anything up on Manchester’s Finest about curries there’s always one or two blokes who comment saying ‘Where’s Sanskruti!!?’ Well, here it is. So, stop asking. They’re doing delivery now during lockdown so you can fill your faces with their outstanding vegetarian and vegan dishes and I promise I won’t ever forget about them again.

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Purple Lounge
I bloody love a bit of Purple Lounge action and so it was music to my ears to hear that they are offering a takeaway service during the pandemic. Well, it’s not such good news because I live in Stretford and there’s no way that they’ll deliver to my house, but if I end up at a mate’s house down that way – I’ll be stocking up on some truly amazing curries.

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