Pie Hard 2: March's Special at Crazy Pedro's


By Alex Watson | 6 March 2020

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It’s National Pie Week so naturally, Crazy Pedro’s thought that the special for March should be a pie pizza. 

No brainer really.

Only this time it’s called Pie Hard 2. 

The special is coming back to Pedro’s bigger, better and harder than before on a mission and duty to feed the people with outlandish pizzas.

Pie Hard 2 – Pie Harder is the real deal pizza pie and just like the films it’s an action-packed thriller of a pizza, topped with chicken & mushroom pie, red onion, spinach, topped with parmesan and balsamic. Yippee Ki-Yay motherrrr….!!

Pie Hard 2 is heading to a Crazy Pedro’s near you for the whole of March, so get down, get involved and celebrate National Pie Week the only way you can – eating pizza.

PS – I’m sure by now you’re aware we’ve had 3 weeks without Ben Brown. It’s been a rocky road but I’m pleased to say we’ve made it. BB is BACK off his holidays and he’ll be coming back with a bang. The blockbuster, soon to be award-winning, Pie Hard 2: Pie Harder The Movie* will be on your TV screens very, very soon folks. 

Hasta La Pizza baby!


Pie Hard 2: Pie Harder – March Special at Crazy Pedro’s 

– Chicken & Mushroom Pie
– Red Onion
– Spinach
– Parmesan
– Balsamic

Available throughout March


Crazy Pedro’s,
55-57 Bridge St, Manchester M3 3BQ
Short St, Manchester M1 1JG

*It’s not quite a movie. We tend to make Ben Brown play dress up 2 minutes.