You can now get Electrik’s Giros, Chocolate Pizzas and Pizza Doughnuts at home

Lockdown 2.0 just got a whole lot more enjoyable.

By Alex Watson | 10 November 2020

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Everyone is a big fan of Electrik. They have celebs spinning decks, bottomless pizza offerings and even that classic QUINGO that gives you the chance of winning immense prizes in a mix of pure luck and actual brainpower.

It’s all just a nice bit of fun and good vibes at the local Chorlton joint.

One thing that kept us all in a good mood over the years is their PIZZA GIRO offering. It’s essentially bottomless pizza and now you can get it at home.

The only thing is you’re gonna have to serve yourself and wash your own dishes but that’s lockdown for ya!

The Giro Pizza at Electrik is a giant board of the doughy delight packed with three toppings of your choice, including the likes of, pulled ham hock, nduja and – if you want it, there’s no judgment here (well, a little bit) – pineapple.

The boards have enough for 12 slices that will set you back just £1 a slice, making that just £12 for the perfect tea for sharing.

On the takeaway menu is our favourite dish the pizza doughnuts which are just as amazing as they sound and I really mean that.

The little naughty pockets of joy feature tangy tomato marinara sauce and a generous swirl of home-made Pesto Mayo, all topped off with a good sprinkling of parmesan cheese.

They come in at just £4 and I’ll be honest – you’re gonna wanna order at least two.

If you’ve ever thought you needed a pizza dessert they’ve got that covered too and it involves a pizza base and plenty of Nutella. Enough said about that the better because we’re all going to start drooling, aren’t we?

And for good measure, you can also add plenty of wine and beer onto your order, including Augstiner Helles lager and plenty of cans and bottles from the likes of Squak, Magic rock and Beavertown. 

There’s a selection of wine of every colour to keep everyone in your household or bubble happy to!

Order yours here.