The 6 Funniest TV Shows to Watch on Netflix right now

Definitely the funniest shows ever made. I promise.

By Manchester's Finest | 17 April 2020

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Cheer yourself up with these. Or get really angry that I’ve not included your favourite comedy on here and feel the need to tell me in the comments. Or do both.

The Office (UK one, obviously)
Although the American version is pretty good, you can’t get better than the original UK one and all 13 episodes are available on Netflix right now. David Brent, of course, is an almost perfect comedy character, but it’s the whole Tim & Dawn will they/won’t they that really keeps you watching. A true classic and the best British comedy of all time. Fact.


A very recent addition to Netflix, if you haven’t heard of Community it might be because it suffered from some serious behind the scenes problems when it was being made. It basically went from channel to channel, getting cancelled left, right and centre – which is a shame because it’s genius. It’s from Dan Harmon; a man who would go on to create Rick & Morty – and the Russo Brothers; a couple of fellas who would go on to direct the last two Avengers movies.


Limmy’s Show
For some reason Netflix have taken away the first season of Limmy’s Show which is absolutely criminal. What’s the ploblem? Who did this? Until they bring it back though you’ve still got season 2 and 3 of Limmy’s hilarious and surreal sketch show featuring all of your favourite characters including Falconhoof, Dee Dee and the guy whose wains have been turned against him.


Arrested Development
You can totally disregard seasons 4 and 5 and perhaps that first bit of season 3 when they’re messing about with ‘Little England’ and Charlize Theron plays a ‘Mentally Retarded Female’. The rest is pure genius though and one of the tightest and most intelligently written comedies of all time. Everything links in, everything is a call back and there are in-jokes galore – it’s outstanding. It also features one of the greatest comedy characters of all time – the Segway riding illusionist – Gob Bluth.


The Thick of It
Malcolm Tucker seems to make his way into all of those ‘Best Comedy Characters Ever’ lists and rightly so – he’s an absolute delight to watch. Foul-mouthed and endlessly aggressive, it’s great watching him creatively punish a seemingly endless list of idiotic and incompetent MP’s – almost as if it’s some form of therapy with how we feel about the current state of government. If you don’t like aggressive Scottish blokes and swearing – get over it and watch it anyway.


It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
‘The Gang’ are a group of quite possibly the worst people you’d ever meet – each one racist, rude, loud, aggressive and filthy – and we love them all for it. The first season is a bit slow but as soon as Danny DeVito turns up as Frank Reynolds – you’ll be experiencing one of the cleverest and funniest TV shows of all time. Sure, the last couple of seasons have been a bit ‘off’ – but there’s enough winning episodes here to keep you occupied until 2021.