The brand new Mancunian comedy podcast you need to listen to

Say hello to The Chop, the podcast that reveals hilariously true stories from Mancunian hairdressers.

Isolation getting you down? In need of a good laugh and a bit of a gossip? Well you’re in luck because episode one of The Chop has just dropped. 

Now maybe I’m biased, I did my time as a Saturday girl at one of central Manchester’s busiest hair salons (and I thought I’d seen some stuff!) but episode one of this had me in bits.

Brought to you by Bec, who’s been a hairdresser in central Manchester for over 10+ years, the podcast reveals stories from a no-holds-barred industry. 

Exposed nudes, cameos from Chic-loving parrots, Hollywood actresses taking their daily lunges, being stalked by your Undertaker client – I promise these behind the chair tales will have you in stitches and desperate for more.

Sponsored by an enormous amount of gin and a lot of laughs, join Bec and her fellow hairdressing guests as they chat shit, sip drinks and have a giggle at the wonderfully weird tales from the other side of the mirror, all told from a basement in Manchester. 

Stream the first episode here!

Are you a hairdresser with a bank of absolute story bangers? Drop The Chop an email on to be featured.

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