Liam Gallagher collaborates with MMU Fashion Students for Exclusive Selfridges Collection

The collection includes designs from brands such as C.P. Company, Barbour, Finlay, Nigel Cabourn and Sage Nation.

By Manchester's Finest | 28 May 2022

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To celebrate the release of his third album and two huge upcoming Knebworth shows, Liam Gallagher has partnered with luxury retailer Selfridges on an exclusive collection which features brands such as C.P. Company, Barbour, Finlay, Nigel Cabourn and Sage Nation.

The products will be available online and in Selfridges Manchester Exchange Square and Manchester Trafford, from today. With each store hosting a pop-up space to celebrate the launch.


The collection sees Gallagher collaborate with brands chosen with Selfridges in a number of different ways.

Barbour has created unique jackets that have been treated and upcycled, and include Liam Gallagher patches. C.P. Company has laser engraved his logo and RKID slogan onto its iconic lens badges, as well as using his prints on t-shirts.

Finlay sunglasses have been detailed with LG initials, and Sage Nation’s smock includes images of Gallagher, while Gallagher himself helped design a range of items for Nigel Cabourn such as shorts, trousers, hats and jackets.

Gallagher also ran a competition with Manchester Metropolitan University to find fashion students to design original graphics to be printed onto garments which will be sold alongside the designer products. The competition winners were announced as Niamh & Aoife Dobson and Hari Thavanendran.

Niamh & Aoife Dobson developed their own CD range within the brand and collaged them to create the final series of designs. While Thavanendran used digital methods to produce raw brush strokes which highlight the symbols recognisable to Gallagher.


Bosse Myhr, Director of Menswear and Womenswear at Selfridges, says: “This collection is an iconic way to celebrate the unquestionable impact Liam has had on British style. Liam’s direct involvement with the brands in both designing and curating product is a true point of difference and the inclusion of graphics that have been designed by young Manchester talent is a great reference to Liam’s roots. The exclusive package from Nigel Cabourn is a standout, a true celebration of British fashion and culture.”

Sam Eldridge, from Liam Gallagher’s management team, says: “Liam Gallagher is not only one of the greatest rock stars of all time but a true fashion icon and pioneer whose style and influence can be seen from high streets to festival fields across the country. We are delighted to be partnering with the iconic Selfridges store for these unique events, that celebrate Liam’s style, with limited edition pieces from brands – Barbour, C.P. Company, Finlay, Nigel Cabourn And Sage Nation – that have been part of Liam’s story since the beginning.”

“We are also very happy to be collaborating with Manchester Fashion Institute, inspiring the next generation of innovators and creatives.”

The Liam Gallagher collection is available to shop here:

Liam Gallagher Collection