The 13-year old Manchester Lad who's Curated his own Art Show!

Daniel, who works mainly in photography and illustration, is featured in a brand new art show with three of the UK's most prominent arts charity organisations.

By Manchester's Finest | 25 April 2021

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Daniel Elms, Silver Birch

Three of the UK’s most prominent arts charity organisations have joined forces along with learning disabled artists to create a series of virtual exhibitions to showcase their work.

The project, x3, commences with the first three exhibitions ‘Electric Dreams‘ and is live now.

The three art organisations have over 100 years of experience between them, nurturing creativity and creating opportunities for artists with learning disabilities.

Gary Turner

All three organisations have repeatedly challenged art world preconceptions, enabling their artists to show work at the highest-profile cultural institutions, exhibitions and events.

The first x3 virtually exhibition is taking place in Manchester, hosted by Venture Arts.

Inspired by the inner-world of dreamscapes and is curated by artists Daniel Elms and Sally Hirst.

Declan Leslie

The theme of dreams brings together visions of longed-for naturally beauty in the photography of Daniel whilst the visionary cartoon world of Manga art sinpires Gary Turner whilst horror and grotesque run through the sometimes-nightmarish work of Decan Leslie.

Speaking on the partnership, Amanda Sutton, director of Venture Arts said: “We are thrilled to be working with our partners at ActionSpace and Project Ability on this exciting project and to provide a new platform to show the work of some of our many talented artists,”

“The support of these partner organisations has always been so key to us but never more so than during the challenging and dark times of the pandemic. Together we have found ways to keep moving forward, to adapt and maintain the vital services being offered to our artists and continue to promote the incredible work being produced. This advocacy and exposure is more relevant and fundamental now than ever.”

Daniel is 13 years of age and joined Venture Arts as part of their Young People’s Art Club and he has been making art for as long as he remembers.

With an ambition to be an architect, Daniel works mainly in photography and illustration. He draws maps and scapes and takes photos of things he thinks will look good. In late 2020- early 2021 he completed a placement at Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool as part of Venture Arts’ Culture Enrichment Programme.

Electric Dreams, featuring some of Daniel’s work, is live now and can be enjoyed either as a filmed version or within a virtual gallery setting.

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