This Manchester Artist has created an EROTIC Roald Dahl Calendar!

You'll never look at The BFG the same way again!

By Ben Brown | Last updated 4 December 2020

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Sometimes when I’m lay in bed at night, wife asleep beside me, my mind goes wandering and I come up with some mad ideas. There was the Solar Powered Cigarette Lighter, bags of Ready Salted Chicken Skins and the Double-Sided Mobile Phone – but I’ve never, ever thought something as mad as this…

Manchester artist Dominic Oliver has created The Roald Dahl Erotic Calendar and it’s – pretty weird to say the least. Well, it’s not SO weird that you wouldn’t have it up in your kitchen, but it IS weird enough to totally change your perception of many of your childhood favourites.

I hope The Twits aren’t in it!

Have you ever sat down and thought – I wonder how big the BFG’s knob is? – well now you can get your answer thanks to Dom and his calendar. He’s basically turned Quentin Blake’s most famous doodles and X-rated them and, to be fair, he should be given a medal for it.

Perfect for Christmas, the calendar is available from his Etsy page (below) so get your orders in early to avoid the inevitable rush for them before the big day. I can envision these being bigger than Buzz Lightyear in 1995.

Oh yeah, one other thing. I reckon it would be A LOT of fun if you sent one of these to your Nan and all took bets on how long it takes her to notice that they’re all in the buff. Put me down for August.

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