UNIQLO have partnered with NTS to showcase the best of Manchester's artistic talent

UNIQLO is back in Manchester. Thursday 25th April is a day everyone should have marked on their calendar.

By Manchester's Finest | 16 April 2019

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The highly anticipated UNIQLO is opening on Market Street. If you didn’t know, where have you been? Not content with just opening, Uniqlo have partnered with NTS for their instore opening event.

The partnership is called ‘Inside MCR’. Its purpose is to celebrate Manchester by shining a spotlight on upcoming talent. The exhibition will be a collection of sounds and visuals, with music, photography, illustration and video all on showcase, each artist paying homage to Manchester’s culture and heritage. Here’s the creatives that have been enlisted to help with the welcoming event:

CHILDREN OF ZEUS AKA Konny Kon and Tyler Daley are no strangers to NTS, they have a not-to-miss monthly residency show. Expect soulful sounds that effortlessly bridge the gap between jazz, hip-hop and contemporary R’n’B. For the Inside MCR exhibition, the neo-soul duo is crafting a one-off show for the event. They will showcase Manchester musicians that have influenced their sound and new acts that excite them. If previous shows are anything to go by, this will be an absolute musical treat.


CAROLINE DOWSETT is an illustrator and maker based in Islington Mill, Salford. She will be using paint and wood to create one-off pieces for the exhibition. Expect a playful approach, as she merges UNIQLO’s Japanese heritage with Manchester’s culture.


NICHOLAS DELAP is a video artist from Stockport, currently studying at Manchester School of Art. His work encompasses video, animation, 3D and graphic design. Nicolas’ influence on Manchester’s culture is a storied history, with years of involvement in the music scene. Currently one half of Pearl City, his talents seem to keep developing and it’s a testament that NTS and Uniqlo have approached him. His work for Inside MCR will consist of CGI animations, as he re-contextualises traditional Japanese imagery, themes and aesthetics.


LUCIE CREWDSON is a Manchester-based freelance photographer. Her work spans across fashion, portraiture and documentary-style shoots. She has been published in Dazed, Hunger and King Kong to name but a few. For Inside MCR, she is compiling a series of photographs that best capture the beauty of Manchester; she wants to show us the people, places and objects that inspire her work.


UNIQLO will open 25th April
57 Market St, Manchester M1 1WN.