WhatsYourTone x Man City

We've got together with the creative collective 'WhatsYourTone' to give them a space to document their dope content captured in and around our city. First up the derby...

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 8 December 2019

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Photographer: @demzvisuals
Models: @ninetyfourgrace | @bijuaru

It began with comments exchanged between friends. The insight of that interaction led to an engaging discovery – the message had to be shared. A call to action followed reaching further than anticipated. The impression was liked; the impression was felt. With each post, our profile endeavours to share an ideal – creating creativity.

Photographer: @harrison_george_lucas
Model: @everettdz

Ahead of the Manchester derby, with our eclectic mix of Photographers; Videographers, Writers, Models, Dancers, Singers, Graphic Designers, Music Artists and Content Creators garnered from our initial location shoot meetups, for our third meet, we converge on Manchester Central Library and G-Mex Centre. Though the city’s united in its love for the beautiful game, one thing’s for sure – there can never be a purple reign! You’re either blue or red. One crown means one king. On the morning of the battle between these quarrelling liege lords for the throne, I know what you’re thinking:

“To whom do you pledged fealty?”

“What’s your tone?”

The answer: Sky Blue.

Photographer: @bijuaru
Models: @samuelagbiji | @jordonjamal | @everettdz

Whilst sourcing potential partners for collaborations to upscale the #whatsyourtone movement, through a personal connection, we were over the blue moon when Manchester City offered to aid us in doing what we do best – create dope content! That was an incredible move on their part! Once the details were solid, we made the necessary confirmations, made the call to action, and in less than an hour, all slots were filled!

Photographer: @lixmheeley
Models: @cthrunada

With our burgeoning collective of Creatives, en masse, we did a city centre takeover! Moving as a unit decked out in the sky blue supplied by City, we posed, snapped and documented the early morning slot assigned to create.

Photographer: @Rabi.jp_g
Models: @brandie_chisambo | @elliskidmore

After a successful shoot across both locations, whilst the majority headed to Black Milk Cereal to order various renervation tonics (word to J.K.R), I headed home to jump into the edits. We had to get the images back to Manchester City by 1pm. At the point of writing this, I’m sipping on some water and nursing a resurging knee injury whilst finalising my edits. All in the name of content!

Photographer: @andrewmcleanphoto
Models: @ninetyfourgrace

As a collective, we should be proud. We’ve networked, alongside Man City we’ve created something special and we’ve gathered an interdisciplinary group of talented individuals. All this in less than a month. Massive thank you to Manchester City for providing the opportunity and placing some of our content on their Instgram, massive thank you to the guys at MCR Finest for giving us the platform to showcase this article, and massive thank you to all our Creatives. There will be more to come.

Photographer: @scott_clarkson
Models: @music_by_martha | @thea_serra | @cthrunada | @lixmheeley


Written by: Demar Sterling
Instagram: @whatsyourtone
Twitter: @whatsyourtone1
Facebook: whatsyourtone

For enquiries, email whatsyourtone1@gmail.com