The Best Chippies in Manchester

It doesn't matter where I am I will always have cod, chips, mushy peas, and curry sauce on the side. Just so you know.

Manchester is awash with some amazing chippies…

Tony’s Chippy 
The best thing about this is the simplicity of the name. It’s nothing more, nothing less it’s just Tony’s Chippy. There are even two locations to choose from, Ancoats and up by the Etihad. Tony’s is my personal favourite on the list because I’ve got fond memories of scoffing chips in my face on a freezing evening in the piss pouring rain. It even won the Good Food Award for best fish and chips in 2020 after evaluating customer feedback and mint levels of food quality, service and value for your pennies.

Tony’s Chippy, 3 Piercy St, Manchester M4 7HY
0161 205 4593


Atlantic Fish Bar
I love any establishment that had a Greek God proudly painted on their sign, and I have a particularly soft place in my heart for Atlantic Fish Bar in Chorlton. I think this one has to be one of the cheapest on the list- with meat pies coming in at £1.65 and portion of chips for two quid. All the fish is made to order and tastes so fresh with minimal soggy batter. It makes the perfect place to grab a bite on your way back to the tram after some heavy drinking in Chorlton and is open until midnight.

Atlantic Fish Bar,557 Wilbraham Rd, Manchester M21 0AE
0161 861 0765


Kingfisher Fish & Chips
One of these proper chippy’s with plastic chairs which are surgically attached to the floor and where you can enjoy your meal with a side of bread and butter (pre-buttered and wrapped in cling, naturally) and a brew. Their pies are pretty decent too, and at £4.60 for pie, chips, peas, and gravy it is hard to say no, mainly when the portion could probably feed a family of four. It doesn’t get much more northern than Kingfisher- and it is nice to have a tiny slice of the NQ which has avoided gentrification and stuck to its roots. Harry Styles and Nick Grimshaw have been here and if it’s good enough for Harry, it’s good enough for me.

Kingfisher NQ, 43 Tib St, Manchester M4 1LX
0161 270 5806


Armstrong’s Fish & Chips
‘Home to the Jumbo Cod’ they proudly proclaim, but it’s not just the cod which is amazing – Armstrong’s hit the corkie for a 6 throughout most of their menu. They don’t do things by half here, with a choice of 3 different kinds of curry sauce (English, Chinese and Irish) and, if you go to the one in Oldham – Rag Pudding ALL THE WAY!

486 Bury Old Rd, Prestwich, Manchester M25 1NL
39 Market St, Shaw, Oldham OL2 8NR


The Hip Chop Chip Shop
This is the newest kid on the block and certainly the only one to step out of the confines of the standard chippy experience. Hip Hop Chip Shop started its life as a food truck (which you can still book for private events) focusing on pimped up chippy classics. Think epic fish finger butties, battered halloumi, beer battered pickles and the best curry sauce I have ever eaten.


The Fish Hut
The Castlefield / Deansgate contender has to be The Fish Hut. I used to work opposite here, and it seemed to be continuously rammed. I was being good at the time so I never actually managed to tuck into one myself, God knows how I managed to resist, but my ex-colleagues used to rave about it. I was also quite impressed by their selection of cans- a chippy tea is basically redundant without a can of something fizzy, and they had so many wild flavours and choices to choose from. Now I’m back to being a gluttonous cow; I will have to pop back for a fat chippy smothered in cheese and gravy and a can of Fanta lemon.

The Fish Hut, 27 Liverpool Rd, Manchester M3 4NW
0161 839 0957


Kingfisher (Stretford)
There’s seemingly something about naming your chippy Kingfisher and it being brilliant because this is the second Kingfisher on this list and it’s err… brilliant. This one is immensely popular amongst OAPs in the area because of the excellent deal they have on during the day, but it’s also because in their extra years on Earth they’ve learnt a thing or two about great fish and chips. You can’t go wrong with a massive portion of chips in here – add a tub of mushy peas and some gravy and you’re winning.

Kingfisher, 106 King Street, Stretford Mall, M32 9BA
07896 307205


Traditional fish and chips, done proper and available in the city centre. Wright’s really has it all and is dangerously close to your office to tempt you into a chippy tea to reward you after a long week. I can’t really fault this place- they have everything from perfectly battered cod, fish cakes, scampi, fish fingers and of course, the holy grail of chip shops, scraps.

Wright’s Fish & Chips,86 Cross St, Manchester M2 4LA
0161 222 6105


Quite literally voted the best in the UK according to research done by Trip Advisor. They’ve got 5 stars reviews left, right and centre and it’s definitely worth a trip up to Denton to give it a go. They use real good Atlantic cod, haddock and plaice. Now you’d think the best way to get fish and chips full of flavour is to use the same deep fryer for at least 15 years, alas Renfrew’s use a different fryer for each product and have a separate one for their full gluten-free menu.

Renfrew’s, 25 Belgrave Street, Denton, Manchester, United Kingdom
0161 336 2706


Anchors Fish & Chips
Most certainly one of the more established choices here in Manchester, this chippy is an East Didsbury institution. Once called Fosters, it was once noted by the Times to be in the top 30 fish & chip shops in the whole country, so it would be sacrilege to leave them off this list. Now called Anchors, they have everything you need which is available to take away or you can sit in which is actually quite pleasurable in comparison the usual plastic seats and tables.

Anchors Fish & Chips, 812 Wilmslow Rd, Manchester M20 6UH
0161 445 4430


The Chippy On Burton Rd
Formerly Ida’s Fish Bar until a few months ago, this little chippy defiantly takes the prize for style and sophistication. The interior is sophisticated and modern with clean white tiles, great lighting and a few tables and chairs in which to sit if you choose to eat in. The substance is also on point- with classic fish and chips that are everything you need from your friendly neighbourhood chip shop. There are also exciting new additions like crispy fried whitebait, salt and pepper squid and a serious selection of pies.

The Chippy on Burton Road, 178 Burton Rd, Manchester M20 1LH
0161 414 1111


The Little Fish & Chip Shop
This unassuming chippy is tucked away in the corner of Cheadle and looks like something taken from a bygone era. Little is most certainly the operative word when it comes to this spot, and it may be small, but it is perfectly formed with some of the crispiest batter, chunkiest chips and friendliest service around. No bells and whistles, just a proper chippy.

The Little Fish & Chip Shop, 7 Wilmslow Rd, Cheadle SK8 1DW
0161 428 5205


Chaes Chips
A very popular favourite amongst those of you living in or near the Bolton area, Chaes is SO good that it’s easy for it to become an obsession – promoted to a couple of nights a week kinda place as opposed to the much more socially acceptable Friday supper only tea. It’s always been on my list of chippies to visit – and it should be on yours.

Chaes Chips, 121-123 Lea Gate, Bolton BL2 4BQ
01204 305536



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