Cane & Grain just found the cure to your Sunday hangover

Unfortunately, we've had to wave goodbye to 666 chicken wings on Sundays at Cane & Grain (sad face), but they are launching something pretty exciting in its place.

By Manchester's Finest | 8 March 2019

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Cane and Grain are introducing the Ultimate Hangover Tray, which is basically their answer to a Sunday dinner, but in true Cane and Grain style, it is loaded with the meat, carbs and more meat and quite frankly we didn’t expect anything less.

So what does it contain? Well, start with half a roast chicken (yes half), followed by a couple of strips of their signature smoked brisket of beef.

This is then paired with some roasted potatoes (spoiler- they’re deep fried because why the hell not), a side of collard greens and a cup full of their delicious mac & cheese which is just what you need to bust your hangover.

Top this with some gravy and ‘hair of the dog’ of your choice and you’ve got yourself the perfect cure your hangover you’ve got from all that tequila you drank last night.

This outrageously delicious tray will cost you £15 and is more than enough to eat on an empty tummy. If you are the type that can only stomach a little on a hangover, this tray is perfect for sharing too.

The Hangover Tray launches 10th March and is available on Sundays only from 12 pm.

Put that tankard of egg yolks down, this weekend all you need is the Hangover Tray from Cane & Grain.


Hangover Tray from Cane & Grain

Venue: Cane & Grain
Date: Sundays
Time: From 12 pm
Cost: £15

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Cane & Grain, 49 -51 Thomas Street, Manchester M4 1NA
0161 839 7033